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The demand for foreign workers has become popular thanks to the increase in foreign investment projects in Vietnam, the demand for services provided by foreign enterprises and the signing of national treaties. Free trade economy such as WTO, ASEAN ... The following article gives an overview of the conditions and procedures for businesses and organizations wishing to employ foreign workers who wish to apply for a work permit.

Consulting procedures for applying for a work permit for Koreans - Contact 0989496239

Below are the procedures to apply for a work permit for Japanese in Vietnam.

After 3 months of silence due to Covid-19, the ancient squares of Italy have begun to reopen and welcome international visitors.


Pursuant to the December 25, 2001 Law on Organization of the Government;

Pursuant to the Law on Handling administrative violations dated June 20, 2012;

Pursuant to the June 29, 2001 Law on Fire Prevention and Fighting;

Pursuant to the Law on residence dated November 29, 2006 and the Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on residence dated June 20, 2013;

Pursuant to the November 21, 2007 Law on Domestic Violence Prevention and Control;

Pursuant to the December 9, 2000 Law on Drug Prevention and Combat and the June 3, 2008 Law Amending and Supplementing a Number of Articles of the Law on Drug Prevention and Combat;

Pursuant to the Law on enforcement of criminal sentences dated June 17, 2010;

Pursuant to the Ordinance on Protection of State Secrets dated December 28, 2000;

Pursuant to the Ordinance on Prevention and Combat of Prostitution on March 17, 2003;

Pursuant to the June 30, 2011 Ordinance on Management and Use of Weapons, Explosives and Supporting Tools and the Ordinance Amending and Supplementing a Number of Articles of the Ordinance on Management and Use of Weapons and Materials explosives and combat gears July 12, 2013;

At the request of the Minister of Public Security;

The Government promulgates a Decree on penalties for administrative violations against regulations on social security, order and safety; Prevention of social evils; fire prevention and fighting; domestic violence prevention and control,

Several countries and destinations have decided to launch a new initiative to restart tourism and entice foreign visitors back after the pandemic acute respiratory infection (COVID-19).

Every year during the spring and summer season (around March to October), the city of Venice in Italy is crowded, crowded by tourists from everywhere and from yachts crossing the ocean.

This year, the Korea Tourism Board organized contests and experiences of kimchi country to promote tourism.

Those who have been in Vietnam for 14 consecutive days will not be in isolation isolation when entering Singapore from 23:59 pm on June 17.

About 10,900 Germans arrived in the Balearic Islands on June 15, according to a pilot program for the opening of post-blockade tourist sites on June 21.

Not only have many countries around the world planned to reopen international tourists, but Vietnam is also beginning to have plans to "crack open" at a safe level.

Hoa Lo Prison relic will deploy the plan of opening the night around July 2020 to create more interesting experience for visitors.

It is expected that, in July 2020, airlines will reopen international routes as soon as they are licensed. Tourism businesses are also planning to host international visitors.

Starting June 29, the British government may open a tourism corridor that allows people to travel between the UK and several other countries without having to undergo isolation.

Hotels, archaeological sites and beaches are all being actively cleaned and disinfected. Such images appear throughout Egypt as the North African nation is making an effort to welcome visitors back after a long shutdown due to Covid-19.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on June 13 that the country is ready to open its doors to return tourists, and has taken all appropriate medical measures to ensure the health of travelers.

CBRE Global has researched and made an assessment of the Covid-19 pandemic that caused great fluctuations in the global economy. Particularly in Vietnam, besides negative impacts on many sectors, tourism is the industry facing the most rapid and clear decline.

"The current fierce situation has forced us to face the cruel reality," the head of a tour company in the city of Shanghai (China) commented.

The Thai cabinet on June 16 approved a 22.4 billion baht in-house stimulus package (about US $ 720 million) to revitalize this smoke-free industry, considered one of the drivers. growth of the Golden Temple Country in recent years.

Khmer Times daily published an analysis by the Asian Vision Institute - based in Singapore on the impact and impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on the Cambodian tourism industry.

The Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT) is preparing to launch a campaign called "We Love Thailand" (We Love Thailand) to stimulate domestic tourism in case it controls the Covid-19 epidemic. .

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