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The British government considered opening a tourism corridor from the end of June
Date : 2020-06-17

Starting June 29, the British government may open a tourism corridor that allows people to travel between the UK and several other countries without having to undergo isolation.

chinh phu anh xem xet mo hanh lang du lich tu cuoi thang sau

Tourists wear a mask for the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic at an international airport, London, UK, on June 8. (Source: Reuters)

Quash Quarantine tourism lobby, representing 500 British travel agencies and hotels, said on June 9 it had received information on the government's tourism corridor plan by the end of the month. This is from senior officials in the government, which means that people on entry will be exempt from quarantine.

Earlier, British Government officials had publicly said they were considering establishing tourist corridors, or "air bridges," with countries with low Covid-19 rates of infection. However, so far no official decision has been made.

As of June 8, the British government has required its entry into isolation for two weeks to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic. This rule applies to both British and foreign nationals, with some exceptions, to prevent the second wave of SARS-CoV-2 infection from abroad.

Accordingly, people coming to the UK by air, road, sea or train must provide the itinerary details and the address will be isolated.

The regulation comes despite warnings from the aviation industry and others about the risk of losing thousands more jobs, while those industries are hoping to recover from the pandemic.

Airlines that want quarantine rules will be lifted. Currently, British Airways and low-cost carriers Ryanair and EasyJet are planning to pursue a legal case to remove the regulation.

The legal documents are expected to be submitted on June 9. Quash Quarantine said the organization is waiting to see whether the opening of the tourism corridor will take place on June 29 before considering whether it is possible to join the lawsuit with British Airways or pursue a separate lawsuit.


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