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Applying a work permit for Koreans
Date : 2020-10-30

Consulting procedures for applying for a work permit for Koreans - Contact 0989496239

The process of applying for a work permit for Koreans includes the following stages:
First step:. Obtain written approval. (Registration demand for foreign workers).
During this period. The foreign employer needs to determine the demand for it. Foreign workers for each job position that Vietnamese workers can not meet and. Report to explain to the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs on demand. Get a Work Permit for your Korean company.
The second stage: Applying for a work permit for Koreans in Vietnam:
To be able to apply for a work permit for Koreans in Vietnam. You need to prepare some documents as follows:
1. Health certificate (original) 1 of 2 following:
+ Vietnam health certificate
+ Foreign health certificate. (must be consular legal)
2. Judicial record within 180 days. from. Date of issue to date of filing: Must have 1 of 2 types:
+ Foreign judicial record. Issued by host country authorities (must be consular legalized)
+ Vietnamese judicial record. Issued by the Department of Justice of the Province / City
3. Bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees suitable for the job position (this document must be a foreign document where the employee has studied - must be consular legalized).
For the position of General Director, President, ... (the representative. Under the law of the enterprise) will not need a university degree.
4. Documents certifying foreign experience. (Verify the position that the worker. Ever. Held in the foreign enterprise in which they worked) or. Document certifying experts (by a foreign company confirming they have. Used to hold an expert position in a certain field - eg: Technical specialist, mold, business specialist ... ) - must be consular legalized)
5. Passport and valid visa face
6. 4 × 6 photo (2 pieces)
* For more information and to answer questions about other work permit services, please contact:
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