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Temporary residence card for visiting relatives for foreign families entering Vietnam
Date : 2020-10-30
According to the current regulations, “Foreigners who enter, exit, transit, or reside in Vietnam are entitled to sponsor their spouse and children under 18 years of age to stay with the temporary residence card if they are allowed by the agency, The organization inviting or sponsoring that person agrees. ”, the symbol of the issued temporary residence card is TT (relative visit)
This temporary residence card will be issued by a Vietnamese spouse, currently Vietnamese nationality. The male sponsors a foreign spouse / child to enter Vietnam. Foreigners who want to apply for a temporary residence card for a relative visit will have to enter Vietnam in the form of a relative visit sponsored by their spouse before applying for a temporary residence card.
1. Conditions to be granted temporary residence card
- Visa being used in Vietnam must be for the right purpose
- Having a Vietnamese marriage certificate or marriage note in Vietnam in case of marriage abroad
2. Dossier to apply for temporary residence visit card
- An application form for a temporary residence card for a foreigner signed by the guarantee company
- Original passport and original visa
- 2 photos 2cmx3cm
- Passport and temporary residence card of the guarantor (notarized)
- Application form for temporary residence card
- Family relationship certificate (notarized translation)
- Confirm temporary residence ward police
3. Time to get results
After 05 working days from the day on which the application is filed at the immigration authority, the foreigner will receive a temporary residence card.
4. Legal basis
  - Law No. 47/2014 / QH13 dated June 16, 2014 on. "Entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam"
  - Circular 31/2015 / TT-BCA guiding the issuance of visas, temporary residence cards, immigration permits, permanent residence settlement for foreigners at home. Vietnam is issued by the Minister of Public Security
  - Circular 04/2015 / TT-BCA regulates the form of papers related to entry and exit. The residence of foreigners in Vietnam is issued by the Minister of Public Security.
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