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You need to change your foreign driver's license to Vietnam so that you can join ordinary traffic like everyone else but you do not know the procedures for changing your driver's license in Vietnam
You are foreigner travelling in Vietnam
You ara foreigner working and living in Vietnam
You are Vetnamese have lived in other country coming back to Vietnam.
Let us learn about the procedures for changing driver's license for foreigners in Vietnam in the following article:

The IAA International Driver's License is used in 192 countries. The replacement does not need to be present to confirm the photograph as it was issued by Vietnam. 
If you are a foreigner or you are a Vietnamese citizen working and living in a foreign country, you need to change your foreign driver's license to a Vietnamese driver's license.
You do not know what the procedure when changing your foreign driver's license to Vietnamese driver's license? What kind of documents needed,how is the price and how long is the processing time? Currently, the conversion of a foreign driver's license to a Vietnamese driver's license has been simplified by Visavietnamsupport in terms of administrative procedures to facilitate the best time, money and price for those who wish to convert their license. To drive a foreign car to Vietnam.
You are going to Vietnam to work, study or settle in Vietnam. You want to have a driver's license in Vietnam to join traffic like everyone else. The experience of changing your Vietnamese driver's license for a foreigner will surely make it easier for you to change your Vietnamese driver's license.

The IAA is the right choice when you need to travel to work, study or travel abroad. Time to get results quickly - after 5 working days.

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