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Exchange driver's license issued in other countries to Vietnam driver's license
Date : 2018-12-14
If you are a foreigner or you are a Vietnamese citizen working and living in a foreign country, you need to change your foreign driver's license to a Vietnamese driver's license.
You do not know what the procedure when changing your foreign driver's license to Vietnamese driver's license? What kind of documents needed,how is the price and how long is the processing time? Currently, the conversion of a foreign driver's license to a Vietnamese driver's license has been simplified by Visavietnamsupport in terms of administrative procedures to facilitate the best time, money and price for those who wish to convert their license. To drive a foreign car to Vietnam.
Conditions for changing a foreign driver's license to a Vietnamese driver's license:
You are a foreigner who has been living and working in Vietnam for 3 months or more (with a valid visa or temporary residence permit), a driver's license in your country of residence and the driver's license have to be in valid.
If you are a Vietnamese living in another country (with Vietnamese nationality), you must have a foreign visa (proving that you have been abroad), having a foreign driver's license issued by that country and at the time you exchange your license, the llicense must be in valid.
Documents needed when changing the foreigndriving license  driver to a Vietnamese driving license:
* For Vietnamese customers:
- Passport (photo), carrying the original passport to compare.
- Photocopy of foreign visas
- Photocopy of identity cards of Vietnam, the original identity card for comparison.
- Foreign driver's license (original)
* For customers with foreign nationality:
- Passport (photo), bring the original to compare.
- Visa or temporary residence card (photo)
- 1 photo 3x4, 4x6, 5x5 white or green font
- Country driving license (original)
* For customers with dual nationality:
- Vietnamese passport and foreign passport (photo)
- Vietnamese identity card (photo), carrying the original for comparison
- 1 photo 3x4, 4x6, 5x5 white or blue background.
- Foreign driving license (photo)
How to change a foreign driver's license to Vietnam license:
After completing the procedure and taking photos on the transportation, you will receive a Vietnamese driver's license only after 6 working days. Just 2 minutes to sign up and take photos (there is our staff to pick you up and help you o take photos, this is the procedure to prove the exchange is not fake)
For the convenience of changing your foreign driver's license to Vietnam after obtaining your degree, you can visit our Visavietnam support office to get your degree or you can receive your degree at home through our shipping service. .
Exchange your international driver's license to a Vietnamese driver's license you can do online by taking a picture of the papers sent via zalo / mail. After completing the application, 3 days later you will have to visit the Transport Department to take photos and sign. After taking a picture, you will receive a driver's license right away at home.
With experience in supporting international driver's license change to Vietnamese driver's license, Visavietnamsupport always strive to bring you the best service and best price.
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