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Opening to welcome international visitors again: What should Vietnam tourism do?
Date : 2020-06-18

Not only have many countries around the world planned to reopen international tourists, but Vietnam is also beginning to have plans to "crack open" at a safe level.

Nhiều nước trên thế giới đã bắt đầu lên phương án mở cửa đón du khách trở lại. (Ảnh minh họa: CTV)

Many countries around the world have begun to plan to open visitors again. (Artwork: CTV)

At the Government's Standing Committee meeting yesterday afternoon (June 9), the Prime Minister stressed that it is not possible to completely close but not open aggressively when it is impossible to determine the safety level of countries.

This direction relates to the opening of international commercial flights. Accordingly, the Prime Minister assigned the Covid-19 Prevention and Control Steering Committee to announce safe areas to reopen routes to areas where COVID-19 cases have not been detected in the past 30 days.

If the reopening of routes to the world soon becomes a reality, this is considered an opportunity for the tourism industry to restore the international tourist market which is "clinically dead". So what does the tourism industry need to do to seize this opportunity?

There is a need to have market opening procedures and procedures

Earlier, in the letter to the Prime Minister proposing solutions to recover international tourism after COVID-19, the Tourism Advisory Council (TAB) said that it is necessary to have a process and a set of procedures to open the door. market.

According to a representative of the Advisory Council, this set of procedures may be bilateral agreements with each country and the implementation works. Bilateral agreements should be one step ahead or at least equal in time to regional competitors. Because the Advisory Council believes that the health and safety of the people should be balanced in harmony with the calculations and economic benefits.

That set of procedures includes: Rerouting routes and ensuring that only non-stop flights are permitted (charter flights may be permitted to markets where there is no regular flight); exemption from tourist visa; require visitors on entry to medical declarations; temperature measurement of entry passengers; agreement on a COVID probability test for arrivals and testing procedures; Agreement on installing tracking application was approved during the time in Vietnam ...

The Advisory Council proposes to start negotiations with the most important source markets and the most significant foreign direct investment countries. Agreements will be implemented and take effect once the criteria have been met and direct flights are established. The first countries will be countries in Asia and Oceania (Australasia).

"Such criteria will ensure the gradual opening and the need for a step-by-step approach to help us both work and learn from experience to complete the process over time, because we have never had a precedent for coping. with this kind of challenge, "experts from the Advisory Council emphasize.

On the other hand, the travel experts of the Advisory Council also consider that it is necessary to consider offering package, isolated and safe packages to meet the requirements of groups of tourists arriving on charter flights. , allowing the whole group to limit the space to one location to eliminate the risk of infecting the community.

To prepare for this plan, it is necessary to promote and promote the image and position of a Vietnam "Safe haven" soon, highlighting the achievements that Vietnam has achieved in controlling and combating COVID- 19 in the community.

Mo cua don khach quoc te tro lai: Du lich Viet Nam can lam gi? hinh anh 1

At this time, domestic tourism is deeply discounting to stimulate domestic market demand. (Photo: M. Mai)

Positive signals

In fact, some countries and destinations have planned to open the market, as the Greek Government announced it will open to welcome visitors from 29 countries around the world on June 15. Specifically, visitors from 29 countries such as Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Cyprus, Israel, Switzerland, Japan, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, South Korea .. Will be allowed to travel to Greece.

According to this notice, the above list was compiled after examining the epidemiological data of each country and reviewing the notices of the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) and recommendations of the National Commission. on infectious diseases.

Travelers from the 29 countries will only be able to travel to Greece when departing at certain locations listed by the government, and will have to undergo random tests when they arrive at the Greek airport.

For countries not on this list, including Italy, the ban on travel to Greece is still in effect. However, the list of countries allowed to travel to Greece will be expanded and updated on July 1.
Mo cua don khach quoc te tro lai: Du lich Viet Nam can lam gi? hinh anh 2

Santorini paradise island in Greece. (Image source: Vietravel)

Similarly, Iceland is expected to welcome visitors from June 15, provided that visitors must test for SARS-CoV-2 virus in a closed tourist area. Guests with negative results will be free to travel here after free testing.

The Madeira Islands of Portugal is also preparing to welcome international visitors from July 1 if travelers prove themselves negative to SARS-CoV-2 within 72 hours before departure or checked immediately after entry. ...

These startups are believed to be a positive sign of the world tourism industry after nearly half a year of "freezing." People who travel have more motivation to revitalize the spirit for a new period, although still full of difficulties. /.


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