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People from Vietnam to Singapore do not need concentrated isolation
Date : 2020-06-18

Those who have been in Vietnam for 14 consecutive days will not be in isolation isolation when entering Singapore from 23:59 pm on June 17.

On June 15, Singapore changed immigration rules to gradually reopen international tourism. These adjustments depend on the current situation of Covid-19 and developments in other countries and territories.

From 23:59 on June 17, all international passengers who have been in the following countries and territories for 14 consecutive days arriving in Singapore will not have to be isolated separately, but able to isolate themselves at home: Vietnam, Australia , Brunei, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, mainland China, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan.

Singapore citizens and long-term permanent residents may need to be isolated at home for 14 days. Holders of a long-term stay card may be able to isolate themselves at home or hotel, and bear all costs incurred. Meanwhile, other passengers will have to stay separately at designated facilities such as hotels, and pay for themselves.

From June 18, all passengers traveling to or leaving Singapore must test Covid-19 as part of the travel expenses during a pandemic. Accordingly, the Covid-19 test fee may be up to SGD 200 (more than VND 3.3 million) while the 14-day isolation period at government-designated facilities is SGD 2000 (about VND 33.4 million). ).

International travelers must test Covid-19 at a designated public health facility before the end of the home isolation period. They will be informed of the time and place via text. Everyone must use a private vehicle or designated vehicle to the testing facility and leave immediately upon completion - avoiding public transportation.

"So far, the government still spends most of the cost of testing and centralized isolation facilities. But considering the future, when we reopen tourism, we want to choose a more sustainable approach." Lawrence Wong, Singapore's Minister for National Development, said.

Singapore will consider facilitating official tourism, with the necessary safeguards, especially for professionals who need to travel frequently to the island. Currently, the country does not allow short-term tourists to enter, except those with special permits from before or coming in the "fast lane" or green lane.


Hành khách đến sân bay Changi vào 12/6. Ảnh: Lim Yaohui.

blue lane.
Passengers arrive at Changi Airport on June 12. Photo: Lim Yaohui.

Passengers arrive at Changi Airport on June 12. Photo: Lim Yaohui.

Earlier this month, Singapore established a fast lane for essential tourists and business travelers to China. As of June 8, businessmen and officials sponsored by Singapore government agencies can register travel between Singapore and six regions of China, including Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing and Guangdong. , Jiangsu and Zhejiang without isolation, if meet the requirements. Passengers from China guaranteed by Singapore government agencies will be able to apply for SafeTravel Pass certificates from June 8, while those guaranteed by companies will be allowed to register later.

According to the Singapore Tourism Board, the fast lane will allow residents to travel between the two countries without a 14-day quarantine. Instead, they must perform the Covid-19 test within 48 hours before departure and after landing. Guests who test positive for nCoV on arrival will have to be treated on site and incur all costs.

Visitors must also submit a detailed schedule and strictly follow that itinerary. Guaranteed companies or government organizations must apply for a representative and must be approved by the government to register for a SafeTravel Pass.

Approved visitors to Singapore must download the TraceTogether app to their phones and must not travel by public transport but can only travel by car or taxi in advance, or at the company's disposal.

Citizens of Singapore to China will also be required to follow the above process. Similar measures are expected to be implemented with countries implementing the "tourist bubble" agreement with Singapore in the near future, including New Zealand.


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