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7 countries give money to tourists after COVID-19
Date : 2020-06-19

Several countries and destinations have decided to launch a new initiative to restart tourism and entice foreign visitors back after the pandemic acute respiratory infection (COVID-19).

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a major loss to the global tourism industry in the first half of 2020 and is expected to struggle to recover after the end of the COVID-19. International routes almost returned to zero, a series of countries witnessed a sharp decline in domestic tourism and border between countries is still "closed door".

However, in the context of many countries reporting a significant reduction in the number of new cases and deaths, they cautiously reopen the tourism industry. The following countries have proposed new initiatives - essentially paying tourists to visit their countries - to stimulate demand and revive the tourism industry.

Sicily (Italy)

The southern island of Italy - Sicily announced it would pay part of the travel expenses for foreign tourists. The plan is part of a program worth 50 million euros, designed by the Italian Government to boost the number of visitors to the country. The plan is expected to pay half the air ticket for visitors as well as one-third of the hotel fee. The area also considers free admission to museums and historical sites.

Besides, on June 18, the Italian Government announced details of a plan to grant up to 500 euros for each low-income family (below 40,000 euros / year) to encourage them to travel in the country instead of abroad. The total budget for this plan is about 2.4 billion euros.

Cancun (Mexico)

According to local media, the city of Cancun plans to launch a "buy one and two" package to stimulate tourism. Specifically, the Cancun Hotel Association announced that if guests book a 2-night hotel, they will be free for 2 more nights. In addition, this package also refunds airfare so visitors can invite more friends to come.

Las Vegas (USA)

Chú thích ảnh

Before COVID-19, Las Vegas welcomed over 40 million visitors a year. Photo: AP.

"Entertainment capital of the world" Las Vegas (USA) said it may reopen in June. Casino-hotel executive D Las Vegas and The Golden Gate Mr. Derek Stevens announced that they would donate 1,000 free flights to Las Vegas.

According to the video posted by the company, this decision was made to promote the tourism industry, and reminded how visitors to Las Vegas will enjoy and have fun.


Chú thích ảnh

Visitors fall in love with the beautiful scenery during the cherry blossom season in Japan. Photo: Reuters

Japan has revealed that it will lower its prices and offer travel vouchers for travelers, but according to the head of the Japan Tourism Board, these grants only apply to domestic residents traveling. inland. The 12.5 billion USD campaign is expected to be deployed by the end of July or early August.


According to the Associated Press, the Mediterranean island official said it would pay for all "meals, accommodations and medicine" for COVID-19-positive travelers traveling with their families while staying. on the island.

The island is one of the countries with the lowest incidence of COVID-19 in Europe. The economy on the island depends largely on the tourism industry.

Chú thích ảnh

The beach was packed with tourists in Bulgaria before the COVID-19 season. Photo: Reuters

Although Bulgaria cannot pay cash for visitors, the country will offer free entry tickets to many tourist attractions. On Bulgarian beaches, utilities such as umbrellas, beds, tables and chairs and solariums are all free to help tourists save money and attract them to come back next time.


The British Government's financial support plan is also only available to British citizens, with the aim of encouraging people to travel domestically.

In an interview with The Sun, British National Tourism Director Patricia Yates said: "We can look to marketing campaigns, or give money directly to people to encourage them to travel in the country. ”.


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