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Greece is open to tourism, and the health of travelers is the number one priority
Date : 2020-06-17

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on June 13 that the country is ready to open its doors to return tourists, and has taken all appropriate medical measures to ensure the health of travelers.

hy lap san sang mo cua du lich dam bao moi bien phap y te cho du khach

Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis announced that the country is ready to reopen day-trip tourism on the famous tourist island of Santorini. (Source: AFP)

Speaking at the famous tourist island of Santorini, Mr. Mitsotakis emphasized that Greece is ready to welcome tourists this summer, by making the health of tourists a priority. He also affirmed that it is important to convey the image of Greece and a safe country to tourists.

Starting June 15, international flights to and from Greece will resume at major airports, after nearly three months of blockade. Greece will also conduct new SARS-CoV-2 corona virus testing for travelers from airports rated by the European Union Aviation Safety Authority (EASA). Passengers who are found positive for the virus will be isolated for 14 days.

Tourism is an essential economic sector contributing 20% ​​of the total domestic production to Greece. Last year, 33 million visitors visited Greece, bringing 19 billion euros in revenue for the mythical land.

Due to the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, tourism revenue is expected to decline sharply this year, but Prime Minister Mitsotakis said that this is also a valuable time for the country to reorient the tourism development model in the years. follow and focus on sustainable development.


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