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India visa extension
Date : 2019-01-19

VISAVIETNAMSUPPORT guide details procedure file every step of Singapore visa for Indian citizen. Please contact 0989.496.239 - Mrs. Huong for consultant and support quickly.

Indian who enter Vietnam now many different purpose such as investment, working, visiting relatives, travel,... Normally, the maximum visa period  that Indians are granted is 3 months. However, for many reasons, many Indians need to stay in Vietnam longer than the time specified in the visa. So they need to apply for an extension of the India visa. Let Visavietnamsupport guide you how to extend your India visa.

India visa extension

India visa extension is in fact an extension of Vietnam visa for Indians in Vietnam. Is that the Indian who has a Vietnam visa currently residing in Vietnam needs to stay in Vietnam to travel, visit or work, then when the visa expires, you must apply for an visa extension.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho gia hạn visa ấn độ
Visa extension is an extension of the old visa, following the validity period of the visa in Vietnam written on the old visa (not changed purpose). Visa extention is gtom, 1 month to 3 month and can be extended many times.
Documents for visa extension
- Original passport still valid more 6 months
- Seperate visa (if have)
- Two portrait photos 4x6cm background
-  Declaration of Temporary residence issued by local (if have)
-  Vietnam extension application form N5
- Guarantee documents of the company
+ Business registration certificate
+ A copy of the seal registration form
+ Letter of introduction with signature and seal of the company
You can go to the Embassy to apply directly and usually within 1 week you will receive a new visa. If you do not have time, you can also apply for an online visa extension in accordance with the regulations of the India embassy.
Some reasons for unsuccessful visa extension:

- Customers can't prove their ability to return to India after visa expried.

- What is the purpose of extending your visa? Is it sufficient for the authority to decide whether or not to extend your terms.
- The interview process was incorrect, does not match the recording form.
Where to apply for an India visa extension where reputable?
- With the above-mentioned difficult documents and terms, it is not easy to renew the visa for customers who are inexperienced or do not have enough proof. Knowing this difficulty, our Visa HGTECH Company has a fast and urgent India visa extension service for customers in need.
Benefits of using the Indian visa extension service at Visavietnamsupport
- Support customers with the procedures and complete dossiers in accordance with the requirements of the Immigration Department.
- Translate documents as you need into different languages.
- The cost of payment is always the lowest
- Renewal of visas for India visas as well as all over the world.
- Perform on time and according to what was signed in the contract
- Customers only have to pay the cost when they have received visa in hand.
- Consultant free 24/7 and is answered by in-depth and skilled staff with short, focused answers that help you understand the problem.
Visa extension fee
Depending on the time and type of visa, the price list for each type will be different. Therefore, in order to get the best and most accurate quotation, please contact the Hotline: 0989.496.239 -Ms. Huong can consulted.
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