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Vietnam is a developing country attracting investment from many developed countries in the world. This resulted in a large number of highly qualified workers from abroad to Vietnam. To live permanently in Vietnam you need to apply for a 5-year visa to Vietnam.

For foreigners who want to enter Vietnam for the purpose of visiting relatives, a visa is required. When this visa expires, they are required to extend their visiting visa to stay in Vietnam for a while longer. Let's learn about this renewal procedure with Visavietnamsupport.

With a system of working and connecting with millions of hotels, resorts and tourist accommodation establishments around the world, VISAVIETNAMSUPPORT is confident to provide customers with the best quality hotel reservation service.

Latest update of the calendar of cherry blossoms blooming in Japan, Korea in 2020. View now!

Summer is considered a tourist season, during this time people will temporarily put aside work for a short time to relax, enjoy the vibrant summer atmosphere with family and friends. If you intend to travel abroad, you can not ignore Korea - known as a tourist paradise with 4 distinct seasons, unique culture, ... Especially if you want to find a tourist destination just to relax and to avoid the heat, Korea is a destination you cannot miss.

Today, Korea is one of the favorite destinations of foreign tourists, especially Vietnamese tourists. If you are planning to travel to South Korea and are still wondering what to prepare, where to eat, what to play, I would like to share with you a little of my experience.

If you are planning to travel to Korea, especially to visit the capital, Seoul, do not forget these things, lest feeling sorry for coming here:

The transportation system of Korea is extremely developed and the Korean subway system is considered to be Asia's leading. Even when Americans come to Korea, they must recognize that the train system here is far ahead of the subway system in their homeland. Korean subway runs completely unmanned, so the time of departure and end is 100% accurate.

Currently, some agencies are reducing administrative procedures. Especially exempt some papers for young children. Therefore, many families wonder if children are exempted from Korean tourist visas. If your family also has this concern, you should refer to the following article immediately to get the most accurate answer.

The Korean side has made new changes in checking the records of Vietnamese tourists planning to visit kimchi country in the form of tours.

From mid-2017, Korea's new visa loosening policy for Vietnam market took effect. And there are some cases that will be travel to Korea without financial proof. So which are the cases? How to be exempt? Visavietnamsupport will help you answer any questions in this article.

Korea is one of the most expensive and modern countries in the world today. If you want to visit this beautiful, prosperous country, keep in mind a few small things below to avoid being "surprised".

T-money is a public transport card, used for the subway, bus, taxi. Some cases can be used to pay at convenience stores.

This time, you need to bring the ID card to the Consular Department to register first, then the appointment to bring the documents to the appointment.

You can completely go to the film studio of the famous movie "Winter Sonata" without having to book tours.

The three-storey house of Phuong bread is designed in the style of Hoi An in Seoul.

Gangnam is a district of Seoul (South Korea). Owning property here has long been considered a symbol of the rich class.

Are you a "follower" of travel? You want to have trips with low travel costs, but don't know how to save money and travel time. A cheap flight ticket will meet your needs. Use the service of hunting cheap tickets of Visavietnamsupport to have the opportunity to own yourself a plane ticket with the cheapest price.

Seoul is where you can eat the best food, buy the most essential items and go to the most interesting places at the lowest cost.

Dried coffee and homemade sandwiches and fillings are the two main attractions to the small restaurant on No Ryang Jin Street.

Coming to Busan, you can not only walk by the sea, eat seafood but also visit the colorful cultural village on the hill.

Gyeongju is the ancient capital of the land of kimchi, about 2 hours northeast of Busan city by car.

You need to know how to read maps, identify destinations, stops to explore Korea by subway.

For over 80 years, Joseonok has always been crowded with customers because it is considered the best grilled ribs restaurant in Seoul.

It is not the bright city of colorful lights but the beautiful small villages that make me remember when I came to Korea.

In addition to visa making and visa extension services, we also offer air ticket booking services.

Today, the need for consular certification of Vietnamese papers for use in foreign countries as well as consular legalization of foreign papers used in Vietnam is increasing. However, not all documents need consular legalization, there are documents that are exempt from consular legalization / certification according to Vietnamese laws or treaties. International Vietnam to which Vietnam is a member.

In this article, VISAVIETNAMSUPPORT will provide you with a complete list of consular legal exemption, including documents exempted from consular legalization as well as countries exempted from consular legalization.

Visavietnamsupport provides quick passport service for customers in need.

Vietnam visa for foreigners is valid from 01 month to a maximum of 12 months. When the visa expires, foreigners must apply for a visa extension for a foreigner if they want to stay in Vietnam. So the procedure for applying for a visa is like? Let's learn with Visavietnamsupport in the following article!

This article will give you specific information about applying for Vietnam visa extension.

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