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Ho Chi Minh City: There will be a solution to restore tourism after the Covid-19 epidemic is well controlled
Date : 2020-06-19

The City People's Committee has assigned the Department of Tourism to continue to implement in the tourism industry measures to prevent acute respiratory infections caused by the Covid-19 virus, ensuring safety for tourists, contributing to the The city and the whole country have effectively implemented epidemic prevention.

The city will have solutions to support business maintenance for tourism businesses, restore tourism as soon as the disease is well controlled; launch tourism stimulus program, develop new tourism products and improve the quality of existing tourism products such as health tourism, water tourism, historical tourism, arts and culture and cuisine. ; announce the HCMC Tourism Development Strategy to 2030 and prepare a roadmap for implementation steps, including key plans for 2021; Preparing a tourism tourism promotion and promotion strategy with extensive communication and promotion plans, with new modes to key international and domestic markets, especially applying online forms of communication. gland.

The city will also have solutions to develop a Smart Tourism Project to optimize the effectiveness of promotion, promotion and market expansion, creating many attractive tourism products to attract tourists. ; continue to exploit information technology applications in online advertising; digitizing tourist destinations in the city with 360, 3D image interface, virtual reality technology ...; effectively deploying regional product links with 13 provinces and cities in the Mekong River Delta and southeastern provinces and cities; deploy tourism linkage and cooperation with provinces and cities in the Northwest cluster, the Northeast cluster, the Central Central region; promote the application of information technology in administrative reform.

Relevant agencies have been assigned to develop a solution group within the framework of the Covid-19 pandemic to help small and medium-sized businesses survive, grow and avoid bankruptcy; accelerate the progress of public investment in the city and disburse quickly; well implementing social security policies; encourage enterprises in the field of digital transformation, online public services, non-cash payments and e-commerce; support businesses in the field of services, tourism associated with the transport industry.

In addition, the City People's Committee also assigned the Working Group to continue deploying and inspecting the implementation of criteria and consultancy packages to help businesses, support small businesses to access e-commerce and online transactions.


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