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Festival Hue 2020 ensures the safety for tourists after Covid-19
Date : 2020-06-19

Hue Festival 2020, despite reducing the size and number of international art troupes attending, still ensures a unique and safe festival for visitors.

Hue Festival 2020 will open on August 29-2 with the theme "Cultural heritage with integration and development - Hue is always new". In the context of continuing the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic, Thua Thien Hue province has built a plan to ensure a safe festival.

festival hue 2020 dam bao an toan cho khach du lich sau covid-19 hinh 1

Hue Festival 2020 reduced scale

Hue Festival Organizing Committee 2020 agreed to adjust some contents of the main events and programs, but basically the program frame was almost unchanged. Hue Festival 2020 still ensures the content and quality of a typical festival of the world.

Specifically, the main activities include: The opening arts program, street festival, food festival, Trinh Cong Son music program, electronic music festival, the performance of Ao Dai's heritage with the pilgrimage In honor of the ancestor of the Vietnamese traditional dress, Nguyen Phuc Khoat ... In particular, the closing night will be the night of the Ao Dai Festival instead of the Literature Literature Show as planned.

festival hue 2020 dam bao an toan cho khach du lich sau covid-19 hinh 2

In this Hue Festival, instead of having the participation of many international art troupes participating in the performance, "resources" are the local art troupes and artists. The Organizing Committee maximizes the art units in Thua Thien Hue (Hue Theater and Theater, Hue Traditional Art Theater, Hue Music Academy ...) and groups and clubs of schools and art units in the area participated.

Mr. Huynh Tien Dat, Director of Hue Festival Center and Deputy Head of Organizing Committee of Hue Festival 2020 said: “Currently, the countries that have registered to join the Festival are not ready, because of the quarantine after entry. is a great help. However, we are still determined to organize and determine the use of local artists.

From now until July 17, if the situation improves, we open the door to welcome international guests again, we will continue to welcome international delegations to perform. The activities of preparing the organizational infrastructure are being prepared by the province, urban embellishment, hotel upgrading and preparing forces for the festival. With the number of hotels and the experience of organizing, I think welcoming visitors to the festival will be no problem. ”

festival hue 2020 dam bao an toan cho khach du lich sau covid-19 hinh 3

Along with that, Thua Thien Hue province also agreed to waive 100% of the entrance fee for 6 days of Hue Festival at heritage sites. Most of Hue Festival 2020 festivals and programs will not sell tickets./.


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