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Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi will pilot pilot overnight economic activity
Date : 2020-06-19

The People's Committee of Hoan Kiem district will study, develop and implement a pilot project of night economic development in the district in the direction of organizing the night.

The People's Committee of Hoan Kiem District has just launched a restoration action program, promoting tourism development in Hoan Kiem district, overcoming the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The program aims to carry out the "dual task", both to prevent and combat Covid-19 disease, and to develop the socio-economy; implementing adaptive scenarios, economic recovery, especially tourism - a key economic sector of the district during and after the epidemic.


Ta Hien Street attracts domestic and international tourists when traveling to Hanoi.

Accordingly, the People's Committee of Hoan Kiem District identifies key, special and attractive tourism products to serve tourists; promote the promotion, introduction and promotion of tourism resource values, focusing on the long-standing cultural values ​​of Trang An people, historical relics, tangible and non-tangible cultural heritages. objects to develop cultural tourism in the district.

To affirm that Hoan Kiem is a destination "Safe - Friendly - Quality - Attractive", worthy of being one of the major tourist centers of the Capital and the country, Hoan Kiem District promotes activities to stimulate tourism. calendar in the district such as organizing the deployment, effective exploitation of the Walking Space in Hoan Kiem Lake area and surrounding areas.

Along with that, the district will promote construction investment, renovation, embellishment area around the lake and deploy lighting systems. At the same time, there is a plan to complete the task when both implementing the project (open construction site) and organizing walking space at weekends.

Deploying major street festival activities that converge regions of the country and the city to create attraction, attract resources, special activities, especially when the activity returns to become a "point" arrival, rendezvous, highlight ”of City tourism.

Develop a plan to renovate and renew the focus, improve the quality of activities at Ho Guom Cultural Information Center to become a cultural "red address" of the Hoan Kiem Walking Space and surrounding areas, connecting Hanoi Old Quarter.

Fully prepare the conditions for organizing the opening of the Extended walking space south of the old quarter (scheduled for July 1, 2020) to connect the walking space of Hoan Kiem Lake area and surrounding area into one unified whole. To combine the consolidation of walking space of grade I conservation areas of Old Quarter and Hang Dao - Hang Giay tourist trade street with night markets and Dong Xuan and Bac Qua markets.

Focusing on refreshing the content, enhancing value and quality activities, exploiting the value of heritage tourism, exploiting culinary activities in the region. At the same time, to enhance communication on the tourism image of Hoan Kiem district, the tourist destination "Safe - Friendly - Quality - Attractive".

Hoan Kiem District will work closely with the city's Departments and Branches to organize cultural, sports and tourism events to attract tourists to Hanoi in general and Hoan Kiem in particular as events of the five chairmen of ASEAN. ; contemporary folklore festival in the pedestrian space area of ​​Hoan Kiem Lake area; Culinary Culture Festival in Hanoi, provinces and international; Festival of tourism village - Hanoi craft village in 2020; events celebrating 1010 years of Thang Long - Hanoi; Promotion month 2020, ...

In parallel, the district prioritizes the completion of specific tourism products, the Hoan Kiem tourism handbook to publish and register as prescribed, and has a communication strategy associated with specific content to ensure effectively, introduce, propagate and promote Hoan Kiem tourism to domestic and international visitors.

In particular, Hoan Kiem district will study, develop and implement a pilot project of night economic development in Hoan Kiem district in the direction of overnight organization, classified by organizational model (external organization). heaven and indoors; organized in walking spaces and other areas of the county, ..), with phased implementation organization ...


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