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Thai Nguyen tourism 'shocked' again the spirit of explosion with the new tourism stimulus campaign after Covid-19
Date : 2020-06-19

After the effects of Covid-19 epidemic, the image of a Thai Nguyen "full of wedges" of festive season has disappeared. This has created a strong impetus for local authorities and businesses to "shock" their spirits, launch stimulus tourism in the Northwest Arc Area to revive the tourism industry for a potential land of Thai Nguyen tourism. .

Located just about 50km from Noi Bai International Airport, Thai Nguyen province is the gateway for socio-economic exchanges between the Northern midland and mountainous region and the Northern Delta and was once known as the Windy Capital, The center of the Northeast region of the country. Convenient transportation with Hanoi - Thai Nguyen highway, near Noi Bai airport, East-West Boulevard, Ring Road 5 ... Thai Nguyen has full of favorable weather and favorable conditions to become one of the regions economic development, especially the center of development of the Northwest tourism arc.

The typical tourism products in Thai Nguyen can include the Nui Coc Lake eco-resort real estate, tea cultural tourism product associated with the tea area experience, followed by spiritual historical tourism, especially National Monument ATK Dinh Hoa, Chua Hang relics and many other relics. Especially, the Nui Coc Lake eco-resort product associated with the tea area experience has attracted a large number of tourists in recent years.

Assessing the potential of Thai Nguyen tourism, Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh - Vice Chairman of Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association said that adjacent to Hanoi capital, Thai Nguyen is the Safety Zone (ATK) in the resistance against French colonialists. many famous landscapes, famous tea areas, and many ethnic groups living with unique cultural features. Therefore, in recent years, Thai Nguyen has strongly attracted the participation of many big players in the real estate industry such as FLC Group, Xuan Truong Group, APEC, TNG ... to build tourism real estate products, excellent resort ...

Mr. Dinh also added that with real estate giants, many local businesses are also promoting the development of tourism products. One of the leading businesses in Thai Nguyen tourism is Dong A Hotel Group. This business featured the product chain of Trade Center, Wedding - Convention Center, Spa Center, Karaoke - Bar - Coffee, Billiards Club, Golf Driving Range, the largest Thai Nguyen Restaurant at 4 guests. Large hotel: Dong A Nui Coc Resort - the first 4-star hotel in Thai Nguyen, Dong A Plaza Hotel with a scale of up to 40ha, Dong A II Hotel and Prime Hotel & Spa.

With great tourism potential and ever-improving tourism infrastructure, the number of tourists coming to Thai Nguyen continues to keep double-digit growth every year. If in 2016, the province welcomed nearly two million visitors, the turnover was about VND 200 billion, in 2018 attracted more than 2.5 million tourists, the revenue reached more than VND 400 billion, an increase of 30% compared to 2017. jobs for about 3,500 direct workers. Thai Nguyen province has set a target to welcome about 3.6 million tourists by 2020; in the period of 2021-2030, the average growth rate of tourism will reach 10% / year, contributing 6% of GRDP, making tourism an important economic sector.

However, due to the influence of Covid-19, the tourism season at the beginning of the year was the focus of the tourism industry with a series of cultural and sports festival activities that had to be temporarily suspended. Compared to the same period last year, the number of visitors to Thai Nguyen in May decreased by 41%, the revenue decreased by 75%. However, after the COVID-19 Thai Nguyen pandemic still welcomed over 30,000 visitors in May, this was an optimistic start for the province's tourism industry.

In order to restore Thai Nguyen tourism growth due to the impact of Covid-19 epidemic, recently the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Thai Nguyen has implemented a series of activities, namely: Promotion activities to promote and develop tourism products; Organize the promotion and communication of Thai Nguyen tourism stimulus program in 2020; Building strategies to stimulate tourism in Thai Nguyen in 2020, especially on the last 4-6 days, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Thai Nguyen coordinated with Vietnam Tourism Association to organize a seminar with the topic "Stimulating tourism in Thai Nguyen associated with "Northeast arc".

In response to the province's stimulus policy, Thai Nguyen Tourism businesses also have many positive moves to restore the market, such as announcing the discount of a number of accommodation services, tuor, gate fares. , souvenir and food selling prices ... Dong A Hotel Group also said that in the customer chain of this business, it has been preparing necessary conditions of human and material resources, ready to welcome visitors. Back to the same direction of building a model of a hotel in the high-class international standard class in Thai Nguyen .... All are directed to the common theme, "Thai Nguyen is safe", creating a peaceful atmosphere for travelers. guest.

Assessing the tourism potential of Thai Nguyen, Mr. Dinh said, Thai Nguyen is a resistance capital, has many beautiful landscapes, cultural and historical relics and is a region with great tourism potential. But to further develop, Thai Nguyen should think of a small arc in the Northeast to be able to introduce visitors more closely to the locations as well as attaching the famous places of the neighboring provinces to the arc as Bac Son limestone area of ​​Lang Son, Ba Be lake in Bac Can, Ma Pi Leng in Ha Giang ... to attract tourists.


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