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Quang Ninh tourism attempts to 'revitalize' after the ‘hibernation’ Covid-19
Date : 2020-06-17

Quang Ninh tourism and service industry is planning new strategies, creating motivation for development and recovery after the Covid-19 epidemic is controlled in Vietnam.

du lich quang ninh no luc hoi sinh sau ky ngu dong covid 19

Visiting business units on Ha Long Bay participate in the province's tourism stimulus program with a 30% reduction of the ship price. (Source: BQN)

Create solid leverage

The Covid-19 epidemic has affected the socio-economic activities of the country in general and Quang Ninh province in particular. In particular, the two smokeless industries, tourism and services in the area, have declined sharply in both domestic and international markets.

Tourism and services are one of the main growth drivers of the province, accounting for 45.9% of the economic structure in 2019. Up to now, the total number of tourists in the first 4 months of the year only reached over 1.5 million visitors (down 77% over the same period); tourism revenue reached VND 2,766 billion (down 77% over the same period). Enterprises face many difficulties, a large number of employees have been cut, lost jobs, and reduced incomes.

At the 17th session of the 12th term, the provincial People's Council adopted Resolution No. 256/2020 / NQ-HDND on the implementation of a number of solutions to stimulate tourism stimulation in 2020, including: 100% exemption and reduction of fees to participating destinations. : Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh Museum (Ha Long City), Yen Tu Relics and Attractions (Uong Bi City) from May 14 to 1/6 and some major holidays to the end of 2020. At the same time, reduce the fee for visiting the three destinations on 50% of the remaining days of June and July.

Along with that, the Resolution also stipulates bus ticket support from Van Don International Airport - Ha Long to Doc Do (Phuong Dong Ward, Uong Bi City) and vice versa. At the same time, support 100% of the above expenses for public transport operation by bus with the maximum support level not exceeding VND 1.3 million / trip.

The above resolution is a flexible, timely solution in order to create leverage for economic development, especially for Quang Ninh's tourism and service economy in the context of "new normal" and prevention. Covid-19 epidemic, both socio-economic development.

The tourism stimulus package of Quang Ninh is expected to be worth about VND 200 billion, which will have a positive, profound and direct impact on most objects in the service value chain from tourists to people doing service business. , tourism and service enterprises in the province. The stimulus package also has a positive impact in attracting tourists to Quang Ninh, with an estimated 3 months to reach 80% over the same period in 2019.

du lich quang ninh no luc hoi sinh sau ky ngu dong covid 19

Quang Hanh high-class mineral spring resort is put into use, promising to be an attractive experience for people and visitors. (Source: BQN)

Waiting for the "revival"

Thanks to timely stimulus measures, right after restarting tourism activities, in May, the number of tourists coming to Quang Ninh reached 346,000, cumulative 5 months reached over 1.84 million, business Accumulated revenue from tourists in 5 months reached over 3,422 billion VND.

In particular, nearly 10,000 people visit and resort in Yen Tu Relics and landscapes; about 111,200 people came to visit Ha Long Bay. Although the number of tourists and revenue decreased quite a lot compared to the past, but with the stimulus packages of the province, the tourism industry will continue to create good growth in the future.

Not only stop at the stimulus package, the province also organizes many other tourist activities such as the summer Ha Long - Quang Ninh 2020 program; OCOP Quang Ninh Fair - Summer 2020; put into operation the Royal sailing ship surfing Bai Tu Long Bay and the 5-star high-speed Tuan Chau Express train to Co To Island; grand opening of Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh mineral spring resort ...

In addition, Quang Ninh Tourism Association also introduces promotion packages, short tours suitable to the needs of visitors such as: "Wake up the wonders", "Journey to the sacred region" , "Experience salty mineral bathing", "Ha Long on the edge of heritage", through famous tourist destinations of Quang Ninh such as Ha Long Bay, Ba Vang Pagoda, Yen Tu Pagoda.

Notably, the strength of the tourism industry also has the motivation to "take off" from the synchronous and transparent transportation system such as Ha Long - Hai Phong highway; Tuan Chau international tourist port; Van Don international airport, Ha Long - Van Don highway ...

Along with that is a series of exciting new tourism products such as: The coastal park route of the World Natural Heritage Ha Long Bay, 6 lanes wide; Hot water resort Yoko Osen on the edge of Bai Tu Long Bay, with world-class service infrastructure, contributing to the development of 4-season tourism in the North; Sonasea Van Don Harbor City - a luxury resort complex with international hotels, commercial streets, marinas, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, international convention centers ...

Especially, even when the province is trying to "revive" the post-Covid-19 tourism industry with the above strong stimulus policies, the criteria for improving the quality of tourism services are still paid special attention by Quang Ninh. . With the goal to 2030, Quang Ninh will become an international tourism center, the province always considers improving the quality of tourism services as one of the key tasks. The quality of tourism services depends on many factors but many of which are the awareness and responsibility of businesses in their commitment to prices and tourism services.

It can be clearly seen that Quang Ninh province is focusing on synchronously deploying activities to promote and stimulate tourism, thereby, gradually "warming" the market; creating jobs for workers, creating momentum for the economy to prosper after the "winter break" Covid-19.

To achieve this result is the involvement of the entire political system, the consensus and the determination of the government and businesses. After Covid-19, Quang Ninh is proving that the province is not only a "safe, friendly and attractive" destination but also one of the key points of the Northern tourism, "is a solid hedge. preserving the river and its borders, and a driving force for national prosperity "as expected by the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.


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