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Despite Covid-19, Greece is open to tourists from 29 countries
Date : 2020-06-05

Earlier, on May 29, the Greek government announced it would open its doors to tourists from 29 countries around the world on June 15.

bat chap covid 19 hy lap mo cua don khach du lich tu 29 nuoc

Thessaloniki Airport will be one of the first international airports to open its doors. (Source Getty Images)

On May 30, Greece said it would conduct tests of SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19 acute respiratory infections for travelers departing from airports where the Union Aviation Safety Authority Europe (EASA) is said to be at high risk of disease, in the context that it will reopen airports to welcome international tourists on June 15.

EASA usually updates the list of airports in high risk areas for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, including 13 airports in the UK, all airports in 22 US states and airports. flying in the Ile de France area around the French capital Paris.

In a statement, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs said if a tourist departs from an airport listed on the EASA's list, it will be tested when arriving in the country. If the test is negative, visitors will be isolated on their own for 7 days and if positive, the patient will be isolated for 14 days. In addition, Greece will impose restrictions on travel with these subjects.

Earlier, on May 29, the Greek government announced it would open its doors to visitors from 29 countries around the world on June 15. Specifically, visitors from countries such as Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Cyprus, Israel, Switzerland, Japan, Malta, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Australia, New Zealand, Northern Macedonia, Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Hungary, South Korea, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Finland will be allowed to visit Greece.

According to the Greek government announcement, the list was compiled after examining the epidemiological data of each country, and reviewing EASA notices and recommendations of the National Commission on Communicable Diseases. infected. Travelers from these 29 countries will only be able to visit Greece when departing at certain locations listed by the government, and will have to undergo random tests when they arrive at the Greek airport. For all countries not on this list, including Italy, a ban on travel to Greece is still in effect. However, the list of countries allowed to travel to Greece will be expanded and updated on July 1.


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