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Suggest to experience Hoi An for 24 hours
Date : 2020-06-03

Without a solicitation of offers, Hoi An ancient town is quiet and peaceful early in the morning. Choose any location at a riverside cafe to see the rhythm of daily life, you will see more than what people tell about Hoi Street.



The morning in Hoi An is a pretty good time. When the sun had just risen, the old streets were also waking up. At this time, the flow of people is still sparse, you will easily feel the peaceful and ancient beauty of the streets here. The image of women in conical hats, carrying street vendors, or bicycles on the streets, seems to be recreating classic paintings by artist Bui Xuan Phai.

Enjoy Phuong bread

Thưởng thức bánh mì Phượng

Photo: Twitter / @ Minarii98
Recharge to prepare for an exciting day ahead. Enjoy the delicious Phuong bread at 2B Phan Chu Trinh - the best banh mi in Hoi An known by a large number of international tourists. You can buy a sandwich and bring to a sidewalk cafe in Hoi An, eat, sip a cup of coffee and watch the romantic Hoai River in the early morning.

Transformed into a farmer

Hóa thân thành nông dân trồng rau

After having breakfast, go to Tra Que vegetable village, about 3km from the center of the old town. Here, you can not only see the fresh green vegetable gardens but also participate directly in the planting and tending activities. Gardeners in this traditional vegetable village will give you peasant clothes, slippers, conical hats ... and you just need to start working according to the instructions.

Afternoon: burn off the energy with difficult experiences


At lunch, you can choose one of the many famous specialties in Hoi An to enjoy. For example, Mrs. Boi chicken rice, Quang noodles, high floor, Phuong bread ... Just enjoying a piece of it will make you feel like you are hugging the whole old town on your lap. Although it is possible to change the name of the owner, the taste of these dishes has never changed over the years.

Experience basket boat ride in the Bay Mau coconut forest

Trải nghiệm đi thuyền thúng ở rừng dừa Bảy Mẫu

Bay Mau nipa palm forest is located on dozens of hectares, adjacent to the three rivers of De Vong, Thu Bon and Hoai River in Cua Dai area. Coming here, you will be sitting on a basket boat, enjoying the feeling of relaxation and tranquility as you follow the river path with 2 sides full of coconut coconut sugar, which you only often see in the western provinces and cities. Southern. Moreover, you will admire the beautiful basket dance, just intense, just spinning that many people enjoy.

Learn how to make pottery in Thanh Ha village

Học làm gốm ở làng Thanh Hà

With over 500 years of establishment and development, Thanh Ha Pottery Village has become a destination to attract domestic and international visitors, especially since the ancient town of Hoi An was recognized as a "world cultural heritage." ”. At this point, you can not only observe the stages directly to create a ceramic product through the talented hands of artisans in the village, but you can also create your own products that bear the mark. personal seal.

Wandering around the old town

Lang thang quanh khu phố cổ

Strolling and wandering around the old town, fully enjoying the peace and ancient of Hoi An is one of the indispensable experiences when coming to Hoi An. Hoi An is famous for the beauty of traditional architecture, the harmony of houses, walls and roads.
The streets are lined with climbing flowers, old mossy walls cling to the surface, the roofs of ancient yin and yang tile roofs ... harmonize with the melodious music that is rising from some street corner, all like giving people to enjoy the tranquility of life to blow away the noise and fatigue of the vibrant life.

Late evening in Hoi An


And the most memorable moment of Ho Chi Minh City is probably when you leisurely on a wooden boat slowly floating on the Thu Bon River down to Cua Dai. The wind was blowing in the opposite direction, and the sunlight was turning off on the river, the sky began to turn red and orange. You will be looking at Hoi An in a very different angle, not only the bustling old town but also the islets still retaining the simple blue color. Sometimes the fishermen rowing back and forth waving back and forth with smiles.

Watch the show "Memory of Hoi An"

Xem show diễn “Ký ức Hội An”

The memory of Hoi An is a large-scale real-time show, an outdoor stage with a capacity of 3300 audiences. The stage setting combines mountains and rivers, the stage length of up to 1 km, using more than 500 actors. The scene show applies state-of-the-art sound and light technology, with the participation in the organization and production of international experts, the father of the scene performance industry.
With 1 hour and 45 minutes see "Memory of Hoi An" is the time that will make you overwhelmed and moved by what the eyes see the headset. The ancient houses, Cau Pagoda, busy merchant boats, ... all are staged vividly with a clever combination of effects of sound and light.

Drop lights posted

Thả đèn hoa đăng

Dropping lanterns is the favorite of many foreign tourists who want to experience the most beautiful Hoi An experience in the fanciful sparkling space. On the 1st and 14th, the lunar first day of the lunar month will drop lanterns into the Hoai River. It is you who drop the sparkling small lights into the river, hoping that the lights will bring good luck to your family and loved ones.

Enjoy the burden of street vendors on the Hoai River

Thưởng thức gánh hàng rong bên bờ sông Hoài

Choosing a restaurant along the Hoai River for dinner is the most ideal way to save travel time. After a long day in the old town, sweet foods are sold as tea, ice cream, banana crepe cake become the spirit to regain the spirit to finish the whole journey of eating in Hoi An in your day. .


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