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Dubai visa
Date : 2022-02-21

Dubai visa service of Visa Viet company- Visavietnamsupport commitment support client 100% procedure for get a Dubai visa help client feel satisfied and trusted. Please contact: 0989.496.239 - Mrs Hương for consultant and support.

Dubai become one of finest destination in the world, famous with skyscrapper, modern amusement parks. Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong... is a country in Asia visa exemption. However, Vietnam tourist want to come Dubai need to procedure apply visa.

Visavietnamsupport supply for you some document, procedure document apply visa Dubai

Document apply visa Dubai

- Original passport, attention with visa have valid at least 6 months and 4 blank page and visa stamp.

- Prepare photos 4cm x 6cm (white background). Attention choose 6 months recently, clear and no blur.

- Work certification include: labour contract, regulations for oversea mission, leave application form, business license...

- Identity card: Passport, birth certificate, id number, household book...

- Supply schedule about duration of stay in Dubai: Duration of stay in Dubai from start to finish. Place, activity to do everyday, which place to visit, hotel...

- Flight ticket round trip of Emirates airline is neccesary requirement, you need to issue the ticket when apply visa, attention don't accept booking ticket.

- Proof of financial: Include account statement with surplus at least $1000 or confirmation/account statement of bank show customer can credit with same limit. 

Types of visa Dubai

Above in common procedure need to have when travel in Dubai, in situation apply visa visit family, visa transit,visa immigration Dubai or  multi visa... you guys need to prepare some document like:

- Visa visit family: You guys need to have guarantee, type of this visa you guys can use for business. Visa Dubai visit family have duration throughout 60 days, beside you guys can visa extention 90 days and stay in Dubai on 2months.

- Visa transit: In situation customer stop in Dubai airport more than 5 hours for transit next flight to another country with duration visa limit for 4 days. With visa transit Dubai you guys need to visit Dubai in short term issue this type of visa

- Dubai visa immigration, situation you want to settled Dubai you need to gurantee from citizen of this country. With Dubai visa immigration duration is 3 years with health care procedure every year. Otherwise, if you have requirement work for company in Dubai need to have working time more than 12 months.

- Multi visa: Type of this visa spend for people relate with famous company in Dubai and use purpose to work. Duration of stay is 30 days with duration of visa validity 6 months.

You can apply visa Dubai at:

Address filed visa Dubai in Vietnam:

- Address: 44/3 Van Bao, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi, Vietnam

- Tel: 04-37264545 and Fax: 04-37262020

Vietnam Embassy in Dubai, UAE

- Adress: Villa 0101, 27th str., sector 24, Al Mushrif area, Abu Dhabi, the UAE

- Tel: 971.2.449 6710 and Fax: 971.2.449 673

Attention: United Arab Emirates (UAE) have 2 airline don't have flight from Vietnam now is Emirates and Etihad. Emirates flight direct to Dubai meanwhile Etihad flight to Abu Dhabi. Thus, if you spend ticket of 2 airline can apply visa Dubai really simple in internet. Otherwise, you guys can buy package Stop over throughout 96 hours all in package visa if go somewhere transit in UAE.

Visa travel Dubai, you guys need to have visa travel to entry Dubai with duration stay is 30 days.  Type of this visa allow entry 1 time and people apply visa need guarantee by friends or family live in Dubai.

Some attention when come to Dubai: 

- When procedure entry in Dubai international airport, you guys need to procedure scan before show passport and visa at entry counter.

- Currency is Dirhams (AED), 1USD - 3,66 AED.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đồng tiềndubai

- Travel in Dubai, customer should wear modesty. Because in Dubai have the rules forbid wear sexy in public. Just wear bikini in beach, after sea bathing you have wear modesty come to hotel. If you dont want troubles in laws when travel, customer should reference information need to know when come to Dubai. 

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phụ nữ dubai

- One forbid rules with citizen and tourist in Dubai is don't drink wine, beer, smoking in public.

- Citizen advisory if want to take a photo with them. Especially India women, customer can arrested with women harassment.

Service visa Dubai of Visavietnamsupport

Apply visa Dubai not so hard but this is a problem with people have a busy job, don't have much time... Instead of lost time, effort, money, you can find to our service visa. 

- Advisory, free guide and devotion for customer through phone or customer can direct come to office company.

- Complete record and represent customer turn over record in embassy for procedure.

- Have result will announcement for customer content of boss.

- Visa sucess will contact client come and get it. If customer is far away will send through post office, coach or express deliver by hand to customer.

- Our cheap service visa guarantee compete in cost effective market.

- Slogan "Can do it and take money" bring reputation and satisfy.

- Especially we can do visa Dubai fast, fulfill demand in urgent situation of clients.

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