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Date : 2018-01-03

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Macau visa service in Hanoi Uy Tin - Quick in Hanoi

Macau, also known as Macao, is a special administrative region of China. Famous for its casinos and tourism, the economy of the country is highly developed. The demand of working as well as tourism of foreigners including Vietnam to Macau is very high. With a developed tourism background, their open-door policy is relatively open, especially in the context of tourism that gives them a very high return. However, since there is a lot of casinos, the security here is very strict. You want to have a visa or passport to prepare a lot of paperwork and undergo a careful review process. In order to avoid spending a lot of time, effort and money, we advise you to visit a visa service company that can guide and assist you in making your visa Macau application process easy. and the rate of bean sure.



Macau visa applications include:

1. Holders of diplomatic passports and official passports of Vietnam

- Will make a Macao visa at the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam. Fill in 01 application form for Macao visa, together with the note of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam.

2. Holders of ordinary Vietnamese passports

- Will make a Macau visa at the Embassy of China in Vietnam.
Need the following documents:
     + Declaration;
     + Passport (valid for 3 months or more);
     + Proof of economic status (Deposit of bank deposit is $ 1500 with a term of 2 months or more, notarized translation in English with the last 3 months);
     + Proof of occupation (for example decision on sending a business trip ...) and business registration certificate of the company or representative office establishment license (notarized translation in English with notarized period nearest 3 months);
     + Letter of invitation to the Macau visa;
     + Detailed schedule in Macau;
     + Other necessary documents required by the consular officer.

3. Macau visa requirements:

- The declaration must be complete, true in English capital letters, not abbreviated, erased, erased, the words must be clear;
- A 4 x 6 cm photo with a white background, sharp, bare head, no scanned or inked photos;
Additional copies must be submitted in the same format as the original. The photocopy is A4 size paper, do not use thermal fax paper, the writing must be clear, the content must be in the middle of the page, the passport photo (personal information) photo enlarged 120%. All applications must be photocopied on one side and arranged in the same order.
The rules are explained by the consular officer. Applicants must comply with the above provisions if the embassy will refuse to accept the file.

In addition, when you apply for a Macao visa at, you will enjoy the following benefits:

- Minimum cost: When you use the service of making cheap Macau visa, you will be cost saving maximum because we with experience understand what you will need to do what needs. Commitment to quality
- Quick and easy: Visa applications and procedures will be supported by Macao and you will be provided with the necessary information and documentation, and we will complete the application. for you. In addition, we are responsible for filing, tracking and reporting the results promptly to you, when the visa officer will take you on behalf of you and give back to you.
- Professional: Perform the job in accordance with what has been agreed with customers, work style carefully and always towards the interests of customers.

You will be free to consult any questions about the services that you use Hgtech such as:

     + Consult legal regulations on granting a visa to Macau for customers;
     + Macao visa advisor consultation;
     + Advice on the time limit for the visa, visa extension ...
     + Consult preparation documents, documents for Macau visa;
     + Consult other relevant issues.

Some common questions during the Macau visa process

1. Duration:

     Time: 4 weeks.
     The Consular Section will transfer the application to the Immigration Department of Hong Kong to review the application so that the time will be longer than other visas.
2. How many types of Visa Macau?
     There are three types of Macao visas available: tourist visas, business visas, and visitor visas.
     According to the length of stay, there are two types of visas: three-month visas and three-month visas with a stay of 14 days.

3. Do I need a visa to China?

    Yes, you need one. Because there is no direct flight from Vietnam to Macau, you have to stop at the Chinese airport so you need to do both Chinese visas. You can refer to the following link:
>> China visa service:
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