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Immigration Letter
Date : 2019-01-30

Visavietnamsupport  specializes in applying for immigration documents for all citizens and nationalities ranging from Asia to Europe, From Africa to Australia who want to enter Vietnam for many different purposes.

Foreigners who want to enter Vietnam with different purposes must have an official immigration letter to enter Vietnam. This letter is not a visa. After having the official immigration letter, the applicant can have visa stamped to his/her passport. Visavietnamsupport would like to provide you with some useful information about immigration letter 

1. What is immigration letter

- In short, an immigration letter is a written permission for entry (or approved invitation letter) from Vietnam Immigration Department that allows foreigners to enter Vietnam once. It would be easier to apply for a Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese Embassy abroad or at international airports when having a letter of immigration.

- To apply for a immigration letter, you should contact a local Vietnam visa agency for foreigners such as Visavietnamsupport. The process will be done quickly and conveniently.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho công văn nhập cảnh


2.Types of Immigration letter

To date, there are 4 types of Immigration letter:

+ Immigration letter for visitors: issued for visitors entering Vietnam only for traveling.  A Vietnam travel agency will apply for this document at Vietnam Immigration Department  (visa DL)

+ Immigration letter for business:  issued for  foreigners entering Vietnam for a short-term position in Vietnam. A Vietnamese company that the applicans intend to work for will apply for this document at Vietnam Immigration Department  (visa DN)

+ Immigration letter for visting relatives: issued for foreigners entering Vietnam for the purpose of visiting their relatives, people who have spouses or parents working under Vietname work permit or have spouses or parents as investors in Vietnam (visa VR or TT)

+ Immigration letter for labour import: issued for foreigners having work permit in Vietnam and looking for a long-term position. They're issued LĐ visas and can apply for temporary resident cards

3. Procedures to apply for immigration letter

+ 2 places to apply for Vietnam visas:

1. Border gates (airports or border checkpoints)

2. Vietnam Embassy at the host country

+ If your country  has an embassy or consulate of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. You can apply for a Vietnam visa on your own. But it could be very time-consuming and inconvenient. Understanding the needs of customers, Visavietnamsupport will help you apply for an entry visa  quickly and conveniently.

+ First and foremost, Visavietnamsupport will apply for a visa approval letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department to allow you to enter Vietnam. When you have the letter (hardcopy) and passport, you'll  carry out entry procedures (at the Embassy or Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang International Border Gates), pay the visa application fee, you are valid for entry.

4.Documents to apply for immigration letter for foreigners

- Scanned passport

- Entry date

- Visa inssuing offices

- For business visa applicants, additional documents are: certificate of business registration of the guarantee company, letter of recommendation from a Vietnam company, corporation or organization

- For visitor visa applicants, a copy of passport and immigration documents and visa issuing office

- For commercial visa applicants: scanned passport and documents of guarantee from company. If there is no guarantee company, contact us for support.

- For applicants of visa for visiting relatives: 

+ Request letter from the inviter (individual, organization,etc)

+ Immigration information: date, border gates, single or multiple entry visas, visa validity and visa issuing office.

+ Passport of the invited

+ Other documents such as proof of legal entity status of the inviting organization, proof of the relationship between the inviter, the guarantor and the foreigner

5. Where to apply for an immigration letter



Kết quả hình ảnh cho công văn nhập cảnh việt nam

-  Having a letter of immigration, it is easier to apply for a Vietnam Visa at a Vietnam Embassy abroad or at an international airport. So where do you get an immigration letter?

-  In order to apply for an immigration letter for a foreigner, the guarantee corporation or organization must go to the Immigration Department to carry out the application for entry permit for a foreigner. If approved, the Immigration Department will issue a written approval called an immigration letter.

6. Processing time

- Within 05 working days from the date of the visa application, the immigration department shall consider, handle and respond to the inviter, guarantee agencies, organizations and individuals and notify the overseas Vietnam visa-issuing authority.

- After receiving the written response from the immigration department, the inviting and guarantee agency, organization or individual will send a notice to the foreigner to carry out the visa procedure at Vietnamese visa-issuing authority abroad.

- In case of visa application at an international border gate, the immigration department shall consider and decide  within 03 working days after receiving complete immigration  dossier, for cases stated at Points a. , b, c and d, Clause 1, Article 18 of Law No. 47/2014 / QH2013; Within 12 working hours after receiving a complete dossier for the cases stated at Points e and f, Clause 1, Article 18 of Law No. 47/2014 / QH2013.

- Agencies, organizations and individuals applying for visas for foreigners at Vietnamese visa-issuing agencies in foreign countries must pay charges to the immigration agency to get notification of visa application.

Benefits of choosing Visavietnamsupport service

- We offer free and helpful consultance and instructions via phone or meetings in person at our office.

- We help customers complete the documents and hand them to the Embassy for immigration letter application

- Notify customers the results as soon as possible

- If immigration letter application is sucessful, we will contact customers to come and get it. If they are too far away, we will use deivery service and you'll have them in the meantime

- The cost for our service is competitve and money-saving

- Our motto " We get none until we have things done" brings in trust and creditility

- We have immigration letter done in a short time, meeting the urgent demands of customers.

The service cost might vary depending on time and visa types.  To get updated, please contact Hotline : 0989.496.239 – Ms.Hương for consultance and support.



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