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How to fill in NA5 Form
Date : 2019-01-28

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You love the country of Vietnam and its beautiful landscapes, you want to reside in Vietnam for a while but your visa is coming to expiry date. You want to extend your visa validity but don't know how to fill in NA5 form? Visavietnamsupport would like to share with you some useful information about Vietnam visa extension.

What is NA5 form?

- NA5 form is a declaration requesting a competent authority to approve visa extension of a temporary resident  (individuals or organizations sponsoring foreigners residing in Vietnam) through some important legal procedures.

- On January 5, 2015, Ministry of Public Security issued Circular No. 04/2015 / TT-BCA stipulating relavant documents  for immigration, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam. This Circular applies to foreigners residing in Vietnam and relevant individuals, agencies and organizations. Foreigners who are temporarily residing in Vietnam are required to complete this declaration to ask for extension of temporary residence  permit  and ensure full legal rights for themselves.


NA5 form for immigration

The form can be in English, Vietnamese or any other foreign languages

NA5 form's inquiries.

5 main sections:

- Personal information of applicants

- Information of the hosting agency / organization or relative in Vietnam

- Request

- Additional statements

- Confirmation of the applicant, the guarantor and the agency / organization or the head of the ward police department.

How to fill out NA5 form for immigration

- Each person submits 1 form, enclosed with a passport or valid international travel document and 01 newly-taken photo of 4cm x 6cm size, with a white background, and submitt directly to the immigration department.

- In item 7 - passport/ papers of international travel of the applicant must state clearly the type of passport: ordinary passport, official, diplomatic or other valuable papers for international travel.

- If you are  guaranteed by a relative in Vietnam, there must be papers proving the relationship with the person who requests visa extension

- At the confirmation section of the application form for visa, temporary residence extension, you should note:

+ In case applicants is invited or guaranteed by an agency, organization, or a foreigner holding a temporary resident card, the head of the agency or organization will be in charged of verification.

+ In case the applicant is invited or guaranteed by a Vietnamese citizen or a foreigner having a permanent resident card, the head of the ward  police department  shall confirm the  information about the guarantor's relatives

Where is the value of the NA5 visa extension form shown?

The application form for Vietnam visa extension is only valid when the applicant completes the information on the declaration. Especially the visa extension form must contain 3 parts of confirmation:

- Confirm and guarantee the information of the visa extension applicant (with the signature clearly indicating his/her full name on the declaration)

- Confirmation of guarantor (sign and clearly state full name)

- Confirmation of agency / organization or the head of the ward police department, depending on each case.

=> If the applicant misses any of this confirmation documents, the declaration has no practical value.

Instructions for completing NA5 form

Surveying and finding out how to fill out NA5 form appropriately will help you fill out information quickly, easily and accurately to avoid  errors. Especially for those who first apply for this form, they need to understand how to fill out NA5 form.

Part 1: The applicant

In this part, you will fill out personal information about visa extension applicants. Be careful when filling in the applicant information. You need to fill in the blank from item 1 - item 9. In the section "Full name", remember to write capitalize letters.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Huong-dan-chi-tiet-nhat-cach-dien-mau-NA5-1

Part 2: Hosting organization/family relative in Vietnam

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Huong-dan-chi-tiet-nhat-cach-dien-mau-NA5-2


You need to fill in information about agencies and organizations inviting foreigners to Vietnam or information of Vietnamese relatives. In this section, there are 2 subsections: "Name of hosting organization" and "family relative". You only need to fill in 1 of 2 items, depending on the guaranteed subbject. Leave the remaining item blank.

Part 3: Requests.

In this section, select the desired visa type. For those who apply for an extension, they should choose the same visa type as their current one. In the "reason" section, you should write down good and convincing reasons for visa extension because if the reason is not good enough, the immigration department will not approve the application.

cách điền mẫu NA5

Part 4: Additional statements

You can skip this part. However, if you want your form to be more convincing, fill out some relavant information

Part 5: Confirmation

Applicant signs at " applicant's signature and full name". Similarly, family relative signs at "the sponsor's signature and full name". The hosting organization signs at "signature, full name, title and stamp".

Where to hand in NA5 form?

Submitt the form at Immigration Department or Immigration offices of provinces /cities during working time from Mon- Fri.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Huong-dan-chi-tiet-nhat-cach-dien-mau-NA5-1

Benefits of choosing Visavietnamsupport service

- We offer free and helpful consultance and instructions via phone or meetings in person at our office.

- We help customers complete the documents and hand them to the Embassy for visa process

- Notify customers the results as soon as possible

- If the visa application is sucessful, we will contact customers to come and get it. If they are too far away, we will use deivery service and you'll have them in the meantime

- The cost for our service is competitve and money-saving

- Our motto " We get none until we have things done" brings in trust and creditility

- We have visa extension done in a short time, meeting the urgent demands of customers.

 If you have any questions about visa extension application, don't hesitate to contact visavietnamsupport.

The service cost might vary depending on time and visa types.  To get updated, please contact Hotline : 0989.496.239 – Ms.Hương for consultance and support.


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