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Date : 2018-01-04

Are you looking for a visa extension procedure? Want to find a reputable service?

Specific visa extension procedures - complete information and application on a case-by-case basis

In order to apply for a visa or visa extension, it is necessary to have specific steps and procedures, from preparation to submission and results must have the necessary skills and experience to be effective. Best and without problems unfortunately in the process of work.
As for visa extensions, visa preparation and visa extension procedures are the decisive factors for success, so be prepared for this stage and the possibility of success is up to 80%.
However, it is not easy for you to be prepared to the fullest, but in the case of your needs, there are changes that are not known to all. Get the most accurate information.
To extend your visa the fastest you go to Hgtech- We advise and complete the visa extension procedures for you. Come to us visavietnamsupport, our visa extension service ensures fast, secure procedures with the lowest cost of service. Customers can rest assured and trust when making or renewing visa at
Visa extension
If you have basic information about the procedures required to extend your visa then when you have a renewal plan, you will not be surprised and be more active in your preparation. When you use our service, you will also know what you need to get.

Specific visa renewal procedures include


You will need to prepare in the following two basic types:
- Application for the visa extension (with the form available by the Immigration Department), fill in the information as directed.
- Passport of the person doing the extension - and ensure the passport meets the requirements.
Note: When using HGTech service, you only need to provide your passport and information to our visa officer, we will be responsible for checking the reasonableness and filing for you.


When you use our services, you will be represented by employees on your behalf from the preparation for the work to be done by the authorities, so you will not have to worry about yourself. Failure or lack of.
Consultant Visa extension procedures at Visa Vietnam Support - Hgtech- will enjoy the company's free incentive services such as:
1. Free consultation for all customers when contacting us and ask about the issues such as:
 - Advice on the promulgated regulations (regulations used up to now) of the law on visa extension;
 - Advise on all issues related to visa extension, visa, visa application for each specific case to apply.
 - Advice on when to extend the visa, the time to close the visa, how to know your visa is due to renew or not ....
 - Consultant to prepare documents, standard documents for visa extension;
 - Consulting with all other related issues.
2. Checking and assessing the legality when the customer issues consultancy requests and customer documents:
 - Based on the requirements and documents provided by the customer, there is a pre-processing step that evaluates the legality analysis from the industry and identifies with the needs and documents as Is it appropriate or not and what else needs to be done to do the best job.
 - In the case of clients needing a lawyer to participate in the negotiation, meeting with the client's partner in the visa extension, we will arrange, ensure participation as required;
 - We represent clients for translation, notarization of relevant papers.
3. We will represent the completion of visa extension procedures for customers such as:
Cheap and fast service
 - After signing the service contract, Hgtech will be your representative and start proceeding to prepare the dossier, the first step for the visa extension for foreign countries.
 - Represent the competent authorities in receiving documents and processing extension documents to help you.
 - The agent monitors the records during the work process, and when there is a notice of the renewal process, it will immediately notify the customer, so that the client knows the result of the submitted dossier accordingly. Each result has the next steps.
 - Representative on behalf of the extension to receive the visa has been extended to customers and hand delivery to customers, termination of contracts and customers have the task of checking and when ok will pay the remaining fees.

Please contact Hgtech for a free visa consultation and get the best visa extension service!

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