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Korean visa extension - Korean visa extension service in Vietnam
Date : 2018-01-04

HGTECH's visa extension procedures in Hanoi are carried out at the Immigration Department or Immigration Office of the City Police.

Application for Korean visa extension for Koreans in Vietnam

Whether you are a foreigner or a Korean national who is studying, working and living in Vietnam, and your visa is about to expire. Do you still want to stay in Vietnam without knowing how to do? How can I extend my visa? These nuisances will cause headaches and affect work progress as well as the learning process. Visavietnamsupport will guide you through the process of applying for a Korean visa extension.

What is the visa extension for Korea?

Extension of a Korean visa means that all non-Korean nationals residing in the country of this cherry blossom want to stay, increasing their stay up to work, studying or visiting relatives The visa is nearly the expiration so they need to do the visa extension procedures.
In this process, you will be given a longer visa period by the Embassy of Vietnam than before. It is possible to apply for multiple visa extensions and for different types of visas.
For example :
The visa you are using is Korean visa 03 months effective from 01/08/2017 to 01/11/2017. As soon as the expiry date is 25/10/2017 you can limit 01 months to 03 months. If you do not renew, you will be penalized and deported. In addition, you will be marked in the passport book very difficult through the visa application process next time.

How long does a Korean visa take?

Depending on the type of visa, the duration of the visa is different. For example, if you work for 3 months in Korea, 6 months after expiry, 6 months will expire, etc. The extension is the same when the visa expires, you have to apply. Renewal depends on the different forms of visas.

Where to extend the visa to Korea?

In order to be granted visa extension in accordance with the provisions of the foreigners in general and Korea in particular, it is necessary to go through procedures with the entry and exit management agencies through organizations, individuals, and individuals. Agencies, organizations, and individuals that invite and secure foreigners shall send written requests together with their passports to the Exit and Entry Management Department or exit and entry management sections.

Who can apply for a Korean visa?

Not all Koreans entering Vietnam will be granted a visa extension, but some cases are not enough. Hgtech lists the Koreans who are renewed in Vietnam below:
- Koreans visit Vietnam to visit, travel.
- Korean investors.
- Head of the representative office of the charge of the government.
- Korean lawyer has been licensed by Ministry of Justice of Vietnam.
- Korean citizens are granted Vietnamese work permit.
- Korean citizens working in the short-term, Korean experts, ...

The application for Korean visa extension includes:

In order to be able to apply for a visa extension will be different than the visa application. Include :
- Original Korean passport (requires a minimum of 6 months).
- Form N5 with the signature of a Korean customer and guarantor, or guarantor.
- Confirmation of stay of local police.
- Investment certificate or business registration certificate of notarized copy.
- Sample seal registration. Authorization letter.
- Letter of introduction of signature and seal (if the company does not have legal documents submitted to the Immigration Department).
- Renewal period: 7 working days (excluding holiday days t7 and Sunday).
visa extention service

Some reasons for visa renewal are unsuccessful:

- Customers cannot prove their ability to return to Korea after the visa expires.
- Did not show the purpose of your visa extension? Enough for the authorities to decide on a deadline for you.
- Failure to prove your financial ability can result in you being dropped out of the visa extension interview.
- The process of interviewing mistakes does not match the record form.

How to apply for a Korean visa?

With the difficult documents and terms mentioned above, it is not easy to renew the visa for those who have no experience or insufficient proof. Knowing this difficult Visa Hgtech company we have the service to extend Korea visa fast and urgent for customers in need.

Benefits of using Korean Visa extension at HGTECH:

- Customer support procedures, complete documentation as required by the Department of Immigration.
- Translation of documents when you need different languages.
- The cost is always the lowest.
- Personnel to extend visa as a visa to Korea as well as all countries around the world.
- To perform on time and according to what is signed in the contract.
- The customer only has to pay when receiving a visa at hand.
- It's free 24/7 and is answered by skilled and skilled people with short, central answers that help you understand most.

Fee for visa extension

Depending on the time and type of visa, the price for each type will vary. Therefore, in order to be able to get the best quotation and best price, please contact Hotline: 0989.496.239 -Ms. Huong to be consulted.
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