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Procedure for extending Chinese visas to Chinese in Vietnam
Date : 2018-01-04

Extension of Chinese visa extension is the abbreviation of the visa extension for Chinese people in Vietnam. When it comes to this service, it refers to the visa extension service and the Chinese visa service.

Procedure for extending Chinese visas for Chinese in Vietnam

Procedures for extending visas for Chinese citizens are carried out at the Immigration Department or Immigration Department of the provincial/municipal police offices on a case-by-case basis.
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Visa office at Hgtech international trading company was established with the mission to provide customers with new service and visa extension with international standards and excellent customer service. With the staffs have many years of experience and always dedicated to working and they love the job, we are committed to providing visa services with the lowest fees and the fastest visa application time to meet your requirements.
Chinese visa

We specialize in providing and extending Chinese visas for long-term and short-term exit letters of invitation. Many years of experience in the profession and possession of thousands of large projects so we can confidently bring you a perfect visa service.

Chinese Visa Extension Service for Chinese in Vietnam

For China, will have a separate procedure for visa and visa extension, when the Chinese work or travel all need a legal visa to operate in Vietnam. Chinese people entering the territory of Vietnam, of course, must have a visa, and when the visa is expired, the Chinese have to return home.
China visa extension
If you need to continue to stay in Vietnam to travel or visit relatives and work when the visa expires close to the procedure to apply for a visa extension in Vietnam. This is compulsory and necessary in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.
You have Chinese relatives or you are Chinese who are looking to extend visa but do not know more information or procedures related to where you can contact Hgtech for better advice on services. foreign visas.
Simple and effective way to extend your Chinese visa is that you do not have to spend a lot of time and of course the minimum cost is to use the visa and passport services in Vietnam and if you Choose the right unit for the best unit in the supply of the meet your requirements are indispensable.

Subjects granted and extended the visa for the Chinese to Vietnam

  • Chinese people are not allowed to enter Vietnam.
  • Chinese people visit Vietnam for the purpose of visiting friends and relatives
  • Chinese investors
  • Lawyers working in China have been licensed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice.
  • Chinese workers are granted a work permit in Vietnam

Application for Chinese visa extension

Flexible applications depending on purpose to Vietnam such as tourism or the investment business labor
  • Chinese passports must be valid for at least 6 months
  • The relevant documents of the company or the guarantor for the foreigner include a copy of business registration, a copy of tax code registration, a copy of the seal specimen certificate, signature sample registration form sign.
  • Documents proving the purpose of going to Vietnam to work or work legally. For foreign workers who wish to apply for a visa for a period of three months or more, or investors, NGOs, project office heads or licensed foreign lawyers Vietnam does not have to apply for a work permit.
  • Documents and application for extension of Vietnamese visas.

Authority settles

  • Immigration office of province or city
  • Immigration Department: the visa will be issued at the office if the Nationals are in Vietnam visa exempt.
The duration of the visa is usually 5 working days in accordance with the law.

The advantage when choosing Chinese visa extension services at

Many years in our profession, we are proud that we are very knowledgeable about visa extension procedures.
- Consult and be familiar with legal services regulations
- Work comfortably and honestly
- You do not have to waste time, just give us the original passport 1 - 3 days before the expiry date you do not have to spend much time.
- Pay the visa on time.
- Lowest price and most affordable.
- The rule of thumb is to collect the money.
- The spirit and responsibility is always the heart of the profession and we say is to do no matter how hard we try to resolve once received the file.
- when successfully extending your China visa will receive your money, if not we will refund 100%.
For each type of service and nationality, there are different regulations and costs so for a clear consultation you should contact us for advice promptly. Our company is committed to consult the best service for customers and ensure the best time and benefits for customers.

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