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Commercial visa extension service - HGTECH Company
Date : 2018-01-03

Foreigners entering Vietnam for commercial or business purposes upon the expiration of the duration stated on the commercial visa can apply for a one-month visa extension to carry out the activities in Vietnam.

In this case, a company or a Vietnamese organization must provide a guaranty for a visa extension for foreigners at the Immigration Department or the immigration office of the police officers of the province or city where the person foreigners are temporarily staying
Depending on each type of commercial visa, the Immigration Department will stamp the temporary residence permit for foreigners or affix a new visa.

The things we help you with visa application and visa extension procedures include:

  1. Consult legal regulations on visa extension
  2. Advising on the time limit for granting Vietnamese visas to foreigners according to regulations
  3. Consultation on preparation of documents, visa standard and visa extension in Vietnam
  4. Consulting other relevant issues.
  5. We represent notary translation clients with relevant papers.
  6. Application for visa extension for customers;
  7. Representing clients who apply for visas at the Immigration Department, the Immigration Department of the police department of the province or city where the foreigner resides;
  8. The representative shall monitor the dossier and notify the result of the submitted dossier to the customer;
  9. Obtaining a visa under the appointment of a competent state agency

Foreigners are granted visa extension in Vietnam.

- Foreigners come to Vietnam to visit relatives;
- Foreigners entering Vietnam for the purpose of marriage;
- Foreigners entering Vietnam to conduct business and trade activities;
- Foreigners entering Vietnam for tourism;
- Foreign investor;
- Head of the Representative Office of the Government Charge Organizations;
- Lawyers have been licensed by the Ministry of Justice;
- Foreign workers are granted a work permit.

Visa extension agency for foreigners.

Foreigners may, in each case, be permitted to apply for a Vietnamese visa at one of the following Vietnamese institutions:
- Administration of Immigration
- The Immigration Department of the provincial/municipal Police;

Foreigners should prepare for the extension of their Vietnam visa

- Legal documents of enterprises, organizations providing the guarantee to outsiders (Including copies of business registration, copy of seal specimen certificate, tax code registration form, registration form of sign and child sign);
- Passport of foreigner must be valid for at least 06 months;
- Work permit (For foreign workers who wish to apply for a visa for a period of 03 months or more, the investor, head of the project office, NGO or foreign lawyer a work permit in Vietnam is not required to apply for a work permit)
- Application form for extension of visa.
Note about visa application form Vietnam.
This form is certified by a company or organization in Vietnam if it is sponsored by an organization or a company in Vietnam.
This form is confirmed by the police at the ward if the visa application is guaranteed by a Vietnamese individual. (Vietnamese household or ward with permanent residence).
If you have any questions about applying for a visa extension for a foreigner please contact us for advice.
For more information, please contact us to make a cheap visa.
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