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Visa through international airport
Date : 2018-01-02

Foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam are required to obtain a visa, except in cases where they are exempt from visa. You may apply for a visa to enter Vietnam at an overseas Vietnamese embassy or consulate. It is most convenient to apply for a visa at Vietnam's international airport such as Noi Bai Airport or Da Nang Airport and Tan Son Nhat Airport.

Transit visa is the license that some nationals require to transit in the international airport while the aircraft is in service or when the aircraft must be transferred.
Transit visas have a lot of issues that require you to do as in terms of information on authentication, legal procedures ... the transit is not a rare thing that happens but it becomes very common. So the information about this rule is very useful. You may have encountered this problem or maybe in the future you will be entangled, so prepare yourself for the necessary information.
An airport transit visa does not allow entry into the Schengen area and can only be granted in the event that the applicant moves between two non-Schengen airports and only transits at a Schengen airport.
International airport ticketing for foreigners arriving in Vietnam
Transit visa

At international land border gates and airports in Vietnam, foreigners are exempted from visas for entering Vietnam at cabin for foreigners entering Vietnam.
Please note that when you apply for a visa through an international airport, you should follow the guidance of visa specialists - visa officers at Hgtech or the specific guidance of immigration officers at the border. Then when you do procedures at the border you note that you will not have to pay any related fees.
Foreigners who come from countries and territories that do not sign a visa exemption agreement with Vietnam prior to entry into Vietnam require a visa through an international airport or Vietnamese entry visa.
In case you have a Vietnamese visa, the foreigner arriving at the border gate of Vietnam are required to do procedures at Cabin for foreigners entry. You should follow the instructions or specific guidance of the immigration officer at the border crossing point and you do not have to pay any related fees when doing the check-in procedure.
If the foreigners already have entry formalities, you must fill in the Vietnamese visa application form together with the entry and exit formalities and passport and pay the visa application fee according to regulations.
Procedures for posting visa via an international airport that you should know:
Of course, the visa requirement for international airports requires competent authorities to issue and issue visas.
vietnam visa

If your country or place does not have an embassy or consulate in Vietnam or you want to receive your visa through the international airport in a convenient and fast way, Hgtech can also help you apply for Vietnamese entry visa.
Customers only need to provide us a scanned passport by email to us to send to the Vietnam Immigration Department to obtain visa approval letter. This email will also be sent to you by fax or email so you can show it to the airport staff when you check in. This particular email is not a substitute for a visa but only confirms that you will be granted a formal entry visa at Vietnam's border gate upon arrival at one of Vietnam's international airports.
Vietnamese visa
When arriving at Tan Son Nhat International Airport - Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang - Ho Chi Minh City. Da Nang or Noi Bai - Hanoi Capital HGtech staff will pick you up at the tube as soon as the plane landed and take you to the quarantine area entry then submit a letter of approval visa for police gate to Get your visa through the fastest international airport.
The dossier should be prepared with two photos and a fee paid directly to the airport police at the airport
After the visa is posted, our staff will guide you to seal the entry and take your luggage and fare you in the car to the hotel.
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Procedures for providing international airport visas are quickly processed by us with a simple procedure. Call for guidance and use of visa services for foreigners.
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