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Thailand visitor visa
Date : 2019-02-19

Visavietnamsupport delivers the best, fastest and most reasonable visa application services to the customers. Please contact Mrs. Hương via 0989.496.239 for consultance and support.

As a neighbor of Vietnam, Thailand has gbecome one of the most attractive tourist destination to Vietnamese and visitor overseas with relatively cheap travel cost .

As member of ASEAN and under the bilateral visa exemption agreement policy between Vietnam and Thailand,  Vietnamese visitors are exempt from visa application with the duration of stay less than 30 days (overstaying requires you to apply for another Visa by law). However, a passport is still needed.  with the current strict immigration management policy of Thailand, especially for Vietnamese tourists, you need more than just one flight ticket and a passport to enter this country. Passport will be a dispensible belonging when you want to enter any other country besides Thailand.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho thái lan

Visavietnamsupport would like to give you some detailed guidlines toprocedures for passport application (for those who have not had) and Visa application (if you're planning to reside in Thailand for more than 30 days) and entry procedures for those who will travel abroad for the 1st time!

Passport application 

Passport (passport) is an important document issued by the government to its citizens as a Permission to Exit from the country and a right to re-enter from abroad. Passport process will be conducted when you have prepared the following documents:

Kết quả hình ảnh cho passport thái lan

  • Passport application form

  • 2 photographs of the specified size (4x6)

  • Family registration book

  • Temporary residence book ( in case the applicant is from other provinces and has no permanent residence in that area)

  • ID card in original

⇒ Submit passport application at the Local Office of the Immigration Department

⇒ Time of receiving / returning documents: From Monday to Friday (except holidays)
⇒  Processing time: no more than 14 days from the date of application
⇒ Department in charge of receiving and returning results: Immigration Department, City Police Department where the passport applicant has a permanent or temporary residence.
⇒ Passport application fee: 200,000 VND

Thailand visa application for staying over 30 days

A visa is a document issued to a citizen by a government of a certain country when he/she a wants to visit or work at the target country
Kết quả hình ảnh cho visa thái lan
  • Passport, in original (with a minimum validity of six months)

  • 2 photographs of the specified size

  • An invitation letter (if any) 

  • Hotel booking or verified paper of residence in the destined location, flight tickets, insurance( depending on countries).

  • Travel schedule

  • Proof of Finance

  • Filled-in visa application form

  • Additional document as requested by the Embassy( marriage registration, family registration book, vacation reqquest letter,etc)

  • Notarize and translated document

Some notes about Thailand Visa appication

- If you bring more thanUS $ 20,000 of foreign currency or an equivalent asset when entering Thailand, you must enumerate that amount with the customs officer. If you don't, visitors will face penalties when being inspected as this is considered a criminal offense.

- You can bring the total amount that does not exceed THB 500,000 when entering and when exiting Thailand. If your amount exeeds this number, you must enumerate it to the customs officer or exchange currency before leaving Thailand.

- When flying to Bangkok, the flight attendant will give each passenger an immigration form. Please complete the required information, especially the Departure section with information about the return date and flight number .
- For the proof of residence, you need to specify hotel name, address (fill out the form, do not leave any blank)

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