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Dubai tourism and experience when traveling Dubai
Date : 2019-01-16

Referring to Dubai, everyone knows that this is a country with famous skyscrapers, in addition, this is also a tourist destination many tourists want to explore.SoVietnamsupport visa will share with you some experiences very useful when you want to travel to Dubai independently.

A few things you need to know when traveling Dubai, traveling dubai experience
If you have a trip with family, friends in Dubai, refer to what you need to know about this place before preparing to travel to dubai in order to have a full exciting holiday and not take a lot of time. 
1. Moving in Dubai
- The most important thing is definitely how we can move easily in Dubai and enjoy the panoramic around the city, the fastest way is calling a taxi. Calling a taxi in Dubai is as easy as in Vietnam. Dubai Taxi is the most famous and reputable one in Dubai . Dubai Taxi has many different taxi services such as Airport Taxis, regular Taxis like in Vietnam, VIP taxis, Female Taxis (Drivers are Arab girls), Family Taxis ... You can call switchboard number: +971 4 208 0000
- VIP Taxis and Female Taxis in Dubai (Female drives and only service female guests)
- Airport Taxis and regular taxis in Dubai: Taxis in Dubai are very diverse, you can see Hyundai brand cars, or Camry cars, Luxury cars, Infiniti M37, Lexus S350 ... running taxis when you come to Dubai. Taxi rates in Dubai are not expensive because the fuel price is very cheap, much cheaper than in Vietnam (Dubai is the emirate in the United Arab Emirates, which has the world's largest oil reserves).
- Taxis rates hase both date rates and night rates. Day rates apply from 22h00 to 6h00 the next morning, night rates apply from 6h00 to 22h00 daily. Opened rates is 3 AED (about 17.100 VND) in the morning, and 3.5 AED (about 20.000 VND) at night. However, the price for the following kilometers is very cheap. The next 1 km price at the time of calculating the day rates is 1.17 AED (approximately 6,700 VND), and the time of calculating the night rates is 1.7 AED (about 9,700 VND). Please note that if the taxi meter is broken, you will not have to pay for the trip. In addition to Taxi, you can choose the subway or bus, but if you want to travel around the city, Taxi is still the best option for you.
2. Currency
Coming to a foreign country to visit, especially shopping paradise as Dubai, the currency is the thing we note. The community of United Arab Emirates (UAE) uses a common currency, which is AED (Dirham), 1 AED is about 5800 VND. In addition, USD is also popular currency, so you can have peace of mind when bring USD to go shopping. 
3. Costumes
Dubai is a hot desert all year round, so when coming here, you should pay attention to wear clothes to suit the outside temperature (always hot and dry). But you should prepare for yourself warm coats when returning to the hotel, because hotel's the air-conditioners are always turned on at full capacity.
Traditional costumes of Arab countries: In Dubai, we see men and women in traditional Arab costumes, males wear Kandura - white striped shirt with ankle-length, females wear abaya black covered the whole body. We can wear those traditional costumes to visit, but need to be careful to wear properly because if you wear wrong, you can loss of sympathy in the view of the people.
4. Cuisine
Traditional Arabic food are famous in Dubai streets, especially 2 shawwarma dishes - hamburgers and Falafit - green bean fried bread, Sawarma Bread. If you are not familiar with Arabic cuisine, you still have peace of mind because Dubai concentrates many international restaurants with different standards to serve the needs of tourists. There are also fast food restaurants such as KFC, Mc Donalds, Stabucks ... and Asian tourists can easily find Chinese restaurants in here.



5. Hotel
- Dubai is tourism city, so we can easily find out hotels with diverse standard, which is suitable with the need of individuals, from budget hotels to 7-stars hotel Buri Al Arab. This place is famous for the kindness and dedicated service of the staff.
7-stars Burj Al Arab Hotel
- If you are a person who is not very important about the hotel, you cac choose budget hotels to suit your moving purpose. There are a lot of hotels in Dubai, you can book reservations on booking sites or coming here and ask the friendly locals.
6. Culture 
- Community activities Dubai: the activities of its residents are characterized by Islamic characteristics. You can enjoy traditional Arabian music bedouin, traditional yowalah dance, camel rides, participate in festivals in desert huts like in the story "one thousand and one nights". 
- Riding a camel in the Saffari desert - the desert camp in the middle of the desert, sitting on the rugs and watching the dancers dance like the story of "one thousand and one nights". Dubai is known as the "shopping city of the Middle East" and residents have a high standard of living, so it is easy to meet young men and women in traditional shopping attire at shopping centers.
7. Things to avoid when visiting Dubai
- Due to a Islam country, people do not eat pork and drink alcohol, stimulants and this is also the taboo. Although some places still sell to visitors that food and drink, when taking away or eating you shoud not show for people, because it is called offences to them. Note that women must wear discreet outfits when going out.
- Long sleeves, no open necks, pants over knee are best for you. Male wear long pants and are not allowed to wear a gold chain in public. If men and women do not get married, may not go together in public places and on transport. Not showing romance in public, this is called legal violation. Avoid taking photos in some places of government, military zones, buildings without asking permission. Especially do not take pictures of Islam women in public.
8. List of Dubai visa-free countries
Countries are exempt from Dubai visas: 
Andorra - Germany - Malta - South Korea
Australia - Greece - Malaysia - Spain
Austria - Holland (Netherlands) - Monaco- Sweden
Belgium - Hong Kong - Netherlands (Holland) - Switzerland
Brunei - Iceland - New Zealand - United Kingdom
Canada - Ireland - Norway - United States
Cyprus - Italy - Paraguay - Vatican City
Denmark - Japan - Portugal
Finland - Liechtenstein - San Marino
France - Luxembourg - Singapore
1. In addition to the above countries, tourists of GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council) also do not need a visa but can only apply for a visa at the arrival airport.
2. Israeli nationality is prohibited from applying a visa in the UAE.
3. In addition to the above-mentioned nationalities, guests of other nationalities can apply a visa normally (the procedure only requires photos, coppied passport and the fee as Vietnamese nationality), the fee may be varies by specific nationality.
It is the experiences to know when traveling to Dubai that every tourist should know. Hopefully the article can give you the knowledge you need to know and prepare more for your trip to Dubai. Wish you have a happy trip
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