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Traveling to Bangkok as self-sufficient - Experience in visiting places
Date : 2018-07-19
Continuing on the previous traveling Bangkok article, offers outstanding Bangkok destinations, helping you to have the best experience.

bangkok travel

Royal Palace and temple when traveling to Bangkok

Bangkok is home to many palaces, ancient monasteries, majestic. Every temple architecture, the temple is meticulously carved, especially often covered with gold paint looks solemn. So Thailand is called the land of the golden pagoda. Featured projects: Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Wat Traimit...

Grand Palace

Bangkok Travel Trip cannot be ignored Grand Palace. This is a magnificent, magnificent Thai palace that has existed for a long time. This was the residence of the emperors, the royal family and even those in large government positions.
You will admire the royal architectural style of Thailand is unique, separate with the luxurious yellow color over the palace.
bangkok travel - grand palace

Grand Place Information

Opening hours: 8h30 - 15h30 daily
Location: Na Phra Lan Road, Rattanakosin
Ticket price: 400 baht for tour Abhishek Susie Hall and Vimanmek Palace.
Note: All Thai palaces, temples are solemn, visitors should pay attention to the clothing courtesy, no wearing shorts, shorts, tanktop ... to be allowed.

Valuable museums

Traveling to Bangkok, you must visit the museums of the Thai people. The museum contains valuable culture and history that you should know. The beautiful museums:

Siam Museum

Operation time: 10h-18h from Tuesday to Sunday
Location: South of Wat Pho, Phra Nakorn, Rattanakosin.

National Museum

Operation time: 9 am - 4 pm from Wednesday to Sunday
Location: near Grand Palace, Na Phrothat Road.

Queen's Gallery

Operation time: 10h-19h except for Wednesdays
Location: near Phan Fah Bridge, 101 Ratchadamnoen Klang.

Old Town

Traveling to Bangkok to the ancient city is a paradise for travelers. There are plenty of things that "backpacker" might like, such as cheap local furniture, hippies, cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs ... all can be found in these small towns.
bangkok  travel - old town

Nightlife on Khaosan Road

-  Khao San is famous for eating and playing for tourists and locals. The prices here are many, depending on the restaurant served. You can see the small stalls to the quality restaurant interwoven in this one-kilometer long street. The prices here are also open for customers to choose from.
-  Enjoy great street food like Padthai, mango roll, grilled, tom yum, ... with very soft price only from 40 baht. Or you can choose the restaurant to enjoy the delicious dishes of Thai, Indian in the calm space.
-  Starting from the evening 21h onwards the street began to bustle, crowded gathering in the beer, coffee, and music. Later, there will be bars and clubs serving, mostly mid-range with entrance fee ~ 150 baht.

Floated market

-  Damnoen Saduak is one of the fascinating floating markets in Bangkok. You can experience the shopping on the river, enjoy hot dishes, handy while floating on the river.
-  In addition, you can enjoy luxury meals, the romantic yacht in the evening. There are two types of boat for you to choose from, modern or classic, romantic.

Calypso Cabaret Show in the city of Bangkok

-  Thailand is famous for her beautiful transsexuals, charming and multi-talented. The city of Bangkok also takes advantage of this and creates a unique showcase, the only one in Thailand that is Calypso Cabaret.
-  Calypso Carabet is suitable for all ages, unique and attractive to all visitors. The main content is the dance performances, dance, acting match of the beautiful transsexual girl, seductive.
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Ayutthaya - the ancient capital

Any visitor who wants to experience authentic Thailand is an ancient Ayutthaya is a perfect place. There are ruins, ancient pagodas before the capital was invaded.

Siam Niramit

It is a traditional show, professional with the content is to transmit the history, cultural quintessence of the Thai people in just 80 minutes.

Thonburi Khlongs - peaceful canals

The canals are part of the history of ancient Bangkok. The capital also creates, utilizes the canals to serve tourism, and promotes the history and culture of Bangkok. The best time to sit in the longtail boat is in the early morning when the weather is cool, the city is still fresh, quiet.

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The above is a guide to the tourist attractions of Bangkok. Discovering Bangkok will take more time than you think. So, feel the culture, the people of Thailand through the above places!
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