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Traveling to Singapore. Does Singapore need a visa?
Date : 2018-07-05


When traveling to Singapore you do not need to apply for the entry visa for travel or business purpose. The visa exemption for Vietnamese and Singaporean citizens has come into force since 10/11/2003.

You will be required a general passport and a stay of fewer than 30 days. Although Vietnamese people are exempted from visas to Singapore, there are certain conditions to consider entry.


Passports and entry forms

When traveling as self-sufficient to Singapore, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months. When crossing the border, you will be issued a white entry ticket. You need to keep this card carefully until you leave Singapore.
In addition, you need to prepare a specific schedule, in case customs can request an interview.


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Travel to Singapore

Hotels and air tickets

When you register, you will be asked for your flight and accommodation. Without a clear address, the high probability is that you will not be entering and return to your country. So before you go, you need to book in advance and print the hotel booking to prove it.

Apparel and luggage


For costumes

- When entering the Singapore tourist entry, the polite and discreet clothing will also make customs officers less suspicious, not ask for interviews, check.
- Especially for women, especially women who travel alone should not be too bold makeup. If you are called to interview, you need to keep the attitude confident, honest answer because customs also just ask about the schedule, accommodation, air tickets ...

For luggage, you need to know about prohibited items when boarding a plane

- Paper money and toy coins, fireworks, chewing gum;
- Books, cultural products with unhealthy content and cultural products that are copied;
- Kinds of fire, consumer goods or toy guns;
- Wine, eggs, canned goods;
- Processed food carry less than 5kg, seeds carry less than 250g, seafood is under 5kg, plants carry less than 3kg and ornamental fish are allowed to carry less than 5 units in 5 liters of water;
In particular, Singapore will apply the death penalty to those who carry more than 15g of heroin, 30g of morphine or cocaine, 1.2kg of opium, 500g of marijuana, 250g of methamphetamine.
Attention :
Under Singapore law, the death penalty will be imposed on the carrier. So absolutely not look or hold luggage for anyone at the airport. If the customs inspector asks for your baggage, you will be the person to be punished.

Notes while traveling in Singapore


Do not throw, litter indiscriminately

- Singapore is considered the cleanest country in the world. This is due to particularly strict environmental sanctions.
- If you do not notice, when accidentally throwing a piece of paper on the street, you will be fined $ 1,000 Sing for the first time. If you repeat the penalty up to $ 2,000- $ 5,000 Sing.

Do not smoke, eat gum

- If chewing gum is detected, you will be fined $ 1,000 Sing and do public works 10 hours. If trading chewing gum would result in a fine of $ 10,000 and a year in jail.
- Smoking in public places is also strictly punished. However, smokers can still smoke in spaces that are reserved for smokers. The penalty for public smoking is $ 500 Sing.

Culture on hand

- Singapore is the crossroads of many cultures including China, India, Malaysia ... So travel to Singapore should use the right hand when socializing, eating, pointing...
- Especially for Muslim women, men are not allowed to touch unless they are husband or relative. When entering a temple or private house, take care to remove the shoes before entering.

Power outlet

When traveling to Singapore as self-sufficient, many people are in trouble when there is no power outlet or connector. Singapore's electrical outlets are usually 3 square feet, so you'll need to prepare the connection to plug in when traveling to Singapore.


There are 3 types of vehicles: Bus, MRT, and Taxi
- The bus runs continuously throughout the day and has night shifts;
- MRT (subway): Only operate before 12 pm, so you pay attention to prepare other transportation if you go until midnight;
- Taxi: Not on the road like in Vietnam, the taxi will only pick up at the points allowed. If booked through the operator will be charged and after 12 hours night charge will increase to 50%.
traffic in Singapore

Here is some useful information that can help you handle the situation when traveling to Singapore. We, specializing in providing visa services, passport, support ticket booking, ... will help you most comfortable on your trip.
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