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Do we need a visa for going to China? How to apply for a visa?
Date : 2018-06-15

Do Chinese travelers need a visa? Or go to China need a visa? Visavietnamsupport answers questions for you. Any Vietnamese or foreigners living in Vietnam need a visa if they want to go to China. And each purpose to China varies according to the different visa categories.

Currently, as a Vietnamese citizen, you can travel freely in 44 countries around the world without a visa. China is not on the list of 44 countries. Therefore, you will need to apply for a visa from the Chinese embassy or consulate in Vietnam.



About China

China is a booming country in terms of sectors, especially economics and culture. China's economy is growing rapidly, so many people choose China for their jobs. China's rich and cheap trades, raw materials, and labor resources should be invested in and developed by a large number of firms.

China's culture is very unique and old. Apart from economic development, China still maintains and develops its unique culture. The traditions of food, music, art ... in daily life are handed down and expanded to international friends. Everyone in the world can see China in its own way.

Therefore, China is the dream of many people to travel here, work, career development ... a lot of purposes. In the trip to China, visavietnamsupport visa will guide you to apply for a Chinese visa and provide services, help you best.


Guide to visa procedures in China.


Visa procedure

Chinese visa application guide here.

Download the Chinese visa application form here.


The article on the answer to whether China need a visa or not. Visavietnamsupport specializes in providing visa services for countries with fast, cheap criteria, best service for customers. By using our services, customers will be offered free advice and we will help make a visa from a-z. Please contact us for a direct quote!

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