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Travel Italy - City of festivals
Date : 2018-06-11

Continuing to travel to Europe, this time visavietnamsupport introduced popular destinations in Southern Europe at a moderate cost, lower than Western Europe. The first is to mention Italy, one of the most famous countries in Europe. Get to know the Italian travel experience and travel!

Apply for a visa to Italy

Yes! Always remember that making a visa is a top priority in the checklist. All information, help with visa or Italian visa Europe are available at visavietnamsupport. Please contact us for the fastest, most standard visa.

Travel Italy - City festival monumental

Italy is called the most romantic city in Europe is not just talk. The scene of Italy is not a point to criticize or procrastinate about the beauty it brings. Every scene in Italy is picturesque, romantic, quiet but bustling, lively carnival atmosphere everywhere.
Art can be found in every nook and alley in Italian. Music and performing art in the streets, museums, painted on the wall ... are all exquisite and distinctive.

travel italy


Festival in Italy

The Carnival of Venice is a very serious, masculine fashion festival in Italy. You can meet people with cumbersome costumes, expensive to travel around the city just to show off their costumes.
The city is vibrant with large, monumental, colorful parades in these days. Experience the festive makeover in Italy is exactly one of the wishlists you should do if there is Italian travel!


Accommodation when traveling to Italy

As a city of travel, there are many options depending on the purpose of your trip. You can refer to the reservation on the reservation application to "hunt" a good deal.
If you want to find a luxurious accommodation, you can spend about a few hundred euros or more for a night. The amount of money you spend to experience the luxury hotel room in Italy is absolutely worth it.
If you want to save more, you can stay at the hostel. Cheapest hostel in Italy at around 30 EUR / night for a dorm room.

Hope the information in the article about the Italian city of visavietnamsupport help and inspire you. If you would like to help and solve problems with Italian visas, European visas or visas, please contact us.
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