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Thailand Visa application
Date : 2019-09-06

Visavietnamsupport delivers the best, fastest and most reasonable visa application services to the customers. Please contact Mrs. Hương via 0989.496.239 for consultance and support.

Thailand, a Southeast Asian country with rich and unique culture, is also well- known as the "kingdom of the Golden Temples" which has attracted both domestic and foreign tourists. To visit Thailand, the first key is an approved Thai visa. Why do you need to do so? How many Thailand visa types are there? Join us to find out right in this post.

Preparation before visa application

Kết quả hình ảnh cho thủ tục hồ sơ làm visa thái lan

  • Passport, in original (with a minimum validity of six months)

  • 2 photographs of the specified size (4x6)

  • An invitation letter (if any) 

  • Hotel booking or verified paper of residence in the destined location, flight tickets, insurance( depending on countries), tràvel schedule,etc.

  • Proof of Finance as Embassy requests.

  • Filled-in visa application form( either online or handwritten)

  • Translated documents as the host country request

  • Other documents as Embassy requests

Thailand visa types

Thailand visa for tourists

- Visa for tourist allows applicant to enter once or multiple times and reside in Thailand within 60 days.

- Besides, issued applicant can extend the visa duration for a maximum of 30 days, if the time exeeds 30 days, visa for tourists can switch to non-immigrant visa

Transit visa:

- People having this visa have flights departing from Thailand to the 3rd country or athletes competing in Thailand

- Transit visa is valid for 3 months and allows applicant to reside in Thailand for 30 days

Non Immigrant visa:

People entering  Thailand for these purposes need to apply for non immigrant visas:

- Short-term or long-term exchange programs at all levels in Thailand

- Business trip including attending conferences and researching

- Ènglish teaching and vonluntary work for Thailand organization

- Movie producing in Thailand, any work related to journalism

- Investing in state enterprises in Thailand

- Visiting relatives (parents, sprouses, children of whom applies for visa)

- Asking for pensions, for people above 50 years old

-  Duration of stay for this type is 90 days

- No immigrant visa with duration of 1-3 years allows multiple entries

Marriage Visa or long-term retirement visa:

- This type is exclusive to those under 50 and have intentions of marrying Thais

- Besides, Thailand government can issue this type of visa for citizens from certain countries. The duration of stay is 15 days

- Additionally, there are other types of visas for special cases such as diplomatic visa, preferential visa, visa for Nigerian, etc.

Guaranteed Thailand visa application services by Visavietnamsupport

Kết quả hình ảnh cho thủ tục hồ sơ làm visa thái lan

It's not a big deal to get a Thailand visa, however, it might be a problem if you're too busy and don't have much time to build a good profile. Intead of wasting your money, time and efforts, come to our services:

- We offer free and helpful consultance and instructions via phone or meetings in person at our office.

- We help customers complete the documents and hand them to the Embassy for visa process

- Notify customers the results as soon as possible

- If the visa application is sucessful, we will contact customers to come and get it. If they are too far away, we will use deivery service and you'll have them in the meantime

- The cost for our service is competitve and money-saving

- Our motto " We get none until we have things done" brings in trust and creditility

- We have Thai visas done in a short time, meeting the urgent demands of customers.

With information about different Thailand visas above, you can definitely choose a suitable visa to enter Thailand and our services. If you have any questions about Thailand visa application, don't hesitate to contact visavietnamsupport.


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