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Several countries and destinations have decided to launch a new initiative to restart tourism and entice foreign visitors back after the pandemic acute respiratory infection (COVID-19).

Foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam: tourism, business trips, visiting relatives, studying abroad, etc. are increasing rapidly. Therefore, the issues of Vietnam visa application are also more concerned, in particular, the issue of electronic visas. Let's find out about this type of visa and how to get Vietnam e-visa.

With a system of working and connecting with millions of hotels, resorts and tourist accommodation establishments around the world, VISAVIETNAMSUPPORT is confident to provide customers with the best quality hotel reservation service.

Summer is considered a tourist season, during this time people will temporarily put aside work for a short time to relax, enjoy the vibrant summer atmosphere with family and friends. If you intend to travel abroad, you can not ignore Korea - known as a tourist paradise with 4 distinct seasons, unique culture, ... Especially if you want to find a tourist destination just to relax and to avoid the heat, Korea is a destination you cannot miss.

From mid-2017, Korea's new visa loosening policy for Vietnam market took effect. And there are some cases that will be travel to Korea without financial proof. So which are the cases? How to be exempt? Visavietnamsupport will help you answer any questions in this article.