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Get a Hong Kong visa application quickly and cheap for the Vietnamese
Date : 2018-01-04

Let Hgtech help you get the fastest, most accurate and cheapest Hong Kong visa, making your overseas travel more convenient.

Hong Kong visa application service quickly, cheap for the Vietnamese

Hong Kong is known as one of the two special economic zones with the strong economic development of China. With a lot of advantages and strong investment, it must be noted that the world famous cinema sector has made the tourism service development. Therefore, the investment, work, and tourism of foreigners in Hong Kong is very high demand.
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And the visa is the procedure that people need to go abroad must have. There are many questions such as how to apply for Hong Kong visas; how to make Hong Kong visas; Is Hong Kong visa price expensive? So visavietnamsupport sum up and give some details for you to understand

I. Hong Kong visa application documents include:

1. Original passport (must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry and there must be 4 consecutive blank pages for VISA sticker).
2. 02 color photos 4x6cm (with the white background, clear picture in the last 6 months) is mandatory for any visa-related procedures, according to international standards.
3.  All copies of household registration book.
4. 2-sided copy of ID
Proof of occupation or work: such as a certificate of the inauguration, a letter of leaving acceptance of a company, or a business certificate of the company.
6. Financial Proof:
- A minimum balance of USD 2,000 or minimum bank account balance of USD 2,000.
- In cases where there is no proof of profession, it is required to have a financial statement of 10,000 USD
7. Invitation form from Hong Kong (get from the embassy). The sponsor must be over 18, must be a reliable citizen in Hong Kong and familiar with you. You need to add a copy of the certificate of relationship with the sponsor (if the purpose of entry is to visit the family).
8. The case is under 18 years old
If you are under 18 years of age
 Must be accompanied by an adult or 18 years old.
If accompanied by father or mother
There must be the mandate of the other person and certified by the local functional agency together with the Household Registration Book and the Marriage Certificate.
Go with others
A written authorization from the police, ward or commune office for an adult in the union, with household registration book and marriage certificate of parent notarized.
9. You will need to present the visa expeditious documents such as airfare and hotel reservation in advance and the Hong Kong Chinese invitations.
10. Demonstrate the reasons for entry and exit requirements

II. Where to get visas for Hong Kong?

To get a Hong Kong visa you can go to the following two locations:
- Chinese Embassy in Hanoi: 46 Hoang Dieu Street. Tel: 0243.845.3736.
- Chinese Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City: 175 Hai Ba Trung, District 1. Tel: 0283.829.2463.
Or, in order not to waste time, you can also find visa service companies
Example: Hgtech Company in Hanoi or An Phu Minh in Ho Chi Minh City

III. Hong Kong visa application process:

 - The application for a visa for residence purposes includes a request for a residence permit issued by a person who is working or who is living in Hong Kong to register and register at the local police station. at the reception of the visa application
 - The application for a visa in a business establishment is carried out as follows: a permit is required to work in the People's Republic of China and a letter of invitation to work or proof of employment at the unit Hong Kong can accept letters or telegrams
 - The Hong Kong visa application process requires a written application for admission and identification of the receiving or managing agency; personal health certificate and personal identification documents
- To apply for a visa for interview or survey, the telegram request of the unit will be interviewed or surveyed directly.
- Hong Kong tourist visas are required to apply for a visa: in order to travel to Hong Kong, a travel agent must prove that they have sufficient travel expenses. the time is right
- The procedure for applying for a transit visa must be completed within the time limit set out in the country of arrival here in Hong Kong. joint ticket
- In the aviation navy, the visa application requires the submission of procedures prescribed by the two previous signatories or the Hong Kong regulations

IV. Note when making visa Hong Kong:

- If you need a visa type 2 - 3 days, get a passport before 9:00 in the morning
- Must have a labor contract if the female student after 1975 or copy of business license
- For customers from Hue to get passports in Hanoi and Da Nang to receive in Ho Chi Minh City.
- A photocopy of the photocopy of the photocopies is not required as proof of eligibility if accompanied by a child, and for a student or a female student must obtain a letter from the attending school.
- For people with household registration Hai Phong, Hai Duong, and Quang Ninh need to prove a stable job with a copy of the household registration and leave; Proof of occupation is working stable and must deposit $ 2000 when returning to return after returning
- If you are traveling on a business trip, the Hong Kong business has a working time of 9-18 days without a passport and will charge you before work.
With so many papers and requirements above, it will take a lot of time for those who have not experienced Hong Kong visas to hinder, trouble and lose more money to be able to travel to your country of work or travel. etc.
Be aware of this with the best services and experienced staff. HGTECH INTERNATIONAL TRADING COMPANY will be your reliable choice in making Hong Kong visa applications fast, convenient and affordable. with reasonable cost and savings.

V. Hong Kong visa quotation:

By the time and each visa, visa prices can vary up and down different. Therefore, to update the best price please contact Hotline: 0989.496.239 - Ms. Huong to be the best quotation.

VI. The advantage when using HGTech visa service:

- Free consultation and guidance for customers through telephone or customers to the company's office.
- Complete the application and on behalf of the customer submitting the application file to the Embassy for procedures.
- Having the results will inform you of the content of the higher level.
- Successful Visa will contact the customer to pick up. If distant customers will send by mail, coach or express delivery to you.
Our low-cost Hong Kong visa service ensures competitive, cost-effective market entry
- With the motto "Make new money" brings the prestige and peace of mind in the customer.
- Especially we make Hong Kong visa fast, urgent to meet the urgent needs of customers

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