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American visa
Date : 2018-01-04

US Visa is a type of document for foreigners who can enter the United States to travel or work easily.

American visa service, fast and cheap US visa in Hanoi

When it comes to the United States, people can think of the most powerful country in the world, with impressive figures on economics, industry, import, and export ..... This is the world's top rank, there are busy people in the industry, skyscrapers and a lot of famous tourists, entertainment, work and study destinations.
It becomes more and more common for foreigners to come to the United States. To enter America, you must have a US visa - an indispensable condition and a passport of the Non-US citizens want to travel or work, study here.
Nowadays, the simplification of visa procedures has been applied and US visa processing has reduced many complicated steps. However, it still retains crucial steps. 
For a preliminary look at the procedure for a US visa, we would like to share some brief guidelines and brief tips for you to get the initial picture of the visa. We look forward to welcoming you and hope that this article will help you in some way.
American Visa

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Visa application to the USA:

Applications for visas to the United States will also be classified into two categories, and the two main categories are travel visas and travel visas, each of which will have the same general requirements and Specific points of interest invite you to view the following information for the best preparation before taking a promising trip.

1. Application for US Work Visas:

• Passport (original, valid for at least 6 months)
• 01 photo 5 × 5cm (white background, the photo was taken no more than 6 months from the filing date)
• ID card (original)
• Household registration (original)
• Marriage / divorce certificate (original, if any)
• Proof of finance: Statement of the bank account of the company in the last 3 months, confirming the bank account balance at the present time.
• Proof of Work:
If the applicant is a business owner, provide the business registration, the latest 3 months tax return.
+ If the applicant is an employee, the employee should provide the labor contract, payroll in the last 3 months, ...
• Proof of purpose:
+ Decision on sending the company to work in Vietnam (the original)
+ Letter of invitation for the company's work in the USA
+ The face of the invitation
+ Papers evidencing the working relationship between the two companies (if any): the joint-venture contract, ...
• Passport (original, valid for at least 6 months)
• 01 photo 5 × 5 (white background, photos were taken less than 6 months)
• ID card (original)
• Household registration (original)
• Marriage / divorce certificate (original, if any)
• Financial proofs: such as land title (original), savings book
• Proof of Work:
+ If the applicant is a business owner, please provide business registration, tax return for the last 3 months.
+ If the applicant is an employee, the employee must provide the latest three-month salary and wage, application for leave.
• The sponsor is someone who has a family relation, friends directly invite applicants to the US, should provide:
+ Invitation letter detailing the invitee and invited person, the purpose and expected time of the trip
+ Passenger's passport (scanned)
Proof of Invitations Jobs: Verification of work at a company or organization in the United States.
+ Bank statement, payroll in the last 3 months.

2. Application for US Tourist Visa:

• Passport (original, valid for at least 6 months)
• 01 photo 5 × 5 (white background, photos were taken less than 6 months)
• ID card (original)
• Household registration (original)
• Marriage / divorce certificate (original, if any)
• Proof of finance: such as land title (original), original savings book
• Proof of Work:
If the applicant is a business owner, it must have a business registration, latest 3 months tax return.
If the US visa applicant is an officer who needs to provide a labor contract, payroll for the last three months, a travel application.
American visa 1

Where to apply for US visa?

US visa locations, you can go to the Embassy and Consulate of the United States in Vietnam.
-  In Hanoi:
Address: 7 Lang Ha Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: + 84-24-3850-5000
-  In Ho Chi Minh City:
Address: 4 Le Duan, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone: + 84-28-3520-4244
US visa applicants must complete the information and bring all the documents we have listed above. Answer some of the questions that the Embassy has to address in order to avoid being misled cannot do visa to the United States.
You can also find some visa service companies to get help and support. Especially for distant customers, there is no time to get the paperwork that may not be successful due to lack of paperwork or mistakes during the interview.

US Visa Procedures - US Visa

1. Prepare paperwork

- See visa categories for more information.
- Always bring your papers with you when you are interviewed. Do not send the papers to the Embassy.

2. Complete the DS-160 online

- On the Consular Electronic Application Center website and the INSERT statement (with barcode)
- Applicants for fiancé/fiancée and trader visa/treaty visa should not use DS-160. Instead of it, applicants should use DS-156 and DS-156K forms instead (for fiancé/fiancée visa), or DS-156E (for Trader's / Partner's visa).

3. Pay the visa fee at Citibank

- US visa application fee: $ 160
- Pay the student management fee if the applicant is required to pay the SEVIS fee
- Make an appointment online in Hanoi
- Print the confirmation page.
- If you apply with your family, make an appointment for each member on the same day.
Note: Make an appointment for an interview in Ho Chi Minh City.

4. To interview

- You can only go to the Consular Section at least 20 minutes before or after the appointment.
- Persons under 17 years old must have a parent or legal guardian attached to the interview.

5. Get your passport and visa from EMS

- If you are approved for a visa, you will receive your visa by EMS courier service, usually within three working days. Passport returns are posted on the EMS network. EMS only charges in VND.
- Visa status check: Visa applicants can check their visa status through the CEAC website.
American visa 2

US visa processing time:

Usually, after 3-4 days you will receive a US visa after the interview finished at Embassies. Also, our reputable American visa service will take 5-7 business days to complete the paperwork and submit it to you.

Advantages of using HGTECH's US visa service:

- You are free advice on the issues

+ The law (according to the standard of the Immigration Department) regarding the visa to the US
+ Procedures, records and documents required for the US visas fastest and most comprehensive, prestigious.
+ Type of visa suitable for your needs
+ Other related issues.

- Guests are checked, evaluated the legality of the consultation request and the documents:

We represent you to make translations when you need, notarized relevant documents (included in the visa service).

- Affordable US visa service to assist clients with the following procedures:

+ After signing the service contract, we will conduct compose American visa
+ Represent the competent authority to apply for US visa
+ Rep track record and report results submitted documents for customers
+ Representative for receiving US visa for you.
When you need to apply for US visa quickly, US visa urgent to visit reputable and quality visa service. You will not pay any additional fee for anyone except our service.
We are happy to provide advice and information specific to customers. Any further information please contact:
Thank & Regards!
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