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Korean Visa
Date : 2018-01-04

The Korean visa service is fast and prestigious with attractive prices available at HGTECH. Contact: 0989.496.239 - Mr.Huong for the best advice and quotation

Making Korean visas in Vietnam with fast and effective procedures

Going to Korea is currently very trendy and the most demand in order to work and study abroad. Besides preparing for the necessary things such as money, personal items, the one that is indispensable is the visa - the most important passport and the ticket for you.
Korean visas will be divided into different categories depending on the specific needs of applicants and the most necessary procedures for obtaining a visa.
When you come to Hgtech you will get the suitable consultation according to your needs and of course, you will be supported most of the profile, filing, implementing procedures. You just need to provide the required documentation in your application and we will support and represent you to do the rest of the procedures.
You should also know if you are not required to apply for a visa to Korea, in particular in the following cases:
- Being a Vietnamese citizen and you have diplomatic passports, if you do not travel to Korea for more than 90 days, you will not need a visa.
- If you enter Korea 4 times and for a period of 2 years and this is the 5th time recently, you will not be required to apply for a Korean visa but you are permitted to stay in Korea with no more than 30 days.
Note: This applies only to Korean trade visas.
Korean visa

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Korean visa application form

For all types of visa applications, the following general requirements apply:
- Submitted 1 photo, the most recent photo taken 6 months ago, photo on a white background;
- 01 application for the visa with a 3*4cm photo. The photo on the application is not more than 3 months from the time you apply for Visa;
In addition, the application for a visa to Korea must be written in one of two languages: Korean, or English - Hgtech will support translation for you.
- Original passport: Specific requirements for the passport: must be valid more than 6 months with a less than 90 days tourism-visa and longer than 1 year for all types of Visa over a year from the date of issuance of Visa)
- Required documents for each type of Korean visa.

Korean visa application case by case

1. Korean Commercial Visa

This type of visa applies to members of Vietnamese companies invited to Korea for work. Some requirements that you must meet if you want to apply for a Korean commercial visa
a. Inviting Company (Korean side):
- Original invitations (in Korean or English, the details of personnel, content, reason and time of invitation should be clearly stated in the invitation letter).
- 01 certificate of the place of issuance of the business license (originally issued by the tax office within 3 months from the date of application)
- 01 notarized copy of Korean State Notary (original, notarized by Korea notary office)
- A copy of the business registration certificate
- Identification number of the invitee (the representative in the business registration certificate of the Korean company)
b. Invited company (Vietnamese side)
- Notarized translation of the State Certificate of Business Registration (if the original must be accompanied by the original for comparison).
- The  original decision to send for the work with the English translation
- The original labor contract and 01 Vietnamese copy, enclosed with the English translation (if the contract is bilingual English-Vietnamese, the original copy with the photocopy)
- Copies of the business documents of the two parties (B / L, L / C, sales contract, export and import invoice with Korea or foreign companies, etc.) (Not required if it is the first transaction)

2. Korean tourist visa

Apply to customers need to go to Korea for traveling, visiting the country:
- Proof of the original financial capacity (savings or confirmation of bank deposit balance)  and the English translation notarized by the State Notary Public;
- Proof of employment and proof of income, accompanied by a certified English translation;
- Schedule of visits with English translation;
- Confirmation of booking hotel during the stay in Korea.
(If the travel company submits to the delegation, in addition to the above documents submitted to individuals, need to submit invitations, list of delegations, travel schedules of Korean travel companies. You also need copies of business licenses and the international travel license of the Vietnamese company together with the English translation notarized by the State Notary Public)

3. Marriage Visa to Koreans

- Family and marriage certificate (original copy issued by Korea)
Attention :
- The declaration form must be fully filled in detail.
- Demonstrate the financial capacity of the spouse of the Korean spouse (ability to pay tax or proof of occupation or business license copy)
- A Vietnamese translation of the Vietnamese translation of the Certificate of Marriage by the Vietnamese Department of Justice.
- Consular declarations (Vietnamese people declare)
korean visa 1

4. Visa to marry Korean children

Applies to cases where Vietnamese parents are invited to visit your home or children by your son-in-law or son-in-law.
- Original invitations
- Guarantee letter with Korean notarized.
- Certificate of the marriage relation, certificate of family relationship (original copy issued by the Korean authorities)
- A copy of the spouse's foreign residence register (if the person retains the Vietnamese nationality). If you have changed to Korean nationality, you must have a copy of your Korean ID
- The guarantee to return to Vietnam (stamped and signed by the son-in-law / Korean daughter-in-law)
- Certificate of blood relation between the invitee and the invited person (birth certificate or household registration of the person who married Korean, English translation, Vietnamese notarized)
Note :
In case of inviting siblings, proof of relation by birth certificate or Vietnamese household registration must be translated into English.

5. Visa to visit relatives studying for master's, doctoral or E3, E7 visa types in Korea

For this type of visa, the person in Korea can only invite their spouse/parent or child to Korea.
- Original invitations
- Proof of study or work in Korea
- A copy of the foreign resident's card of the person studying or working in the country is still in use.
- Birth certificate (in case of the invitation of parent/child), marriage certificate (in case of the invitation of spouse). These papers must be accompanied by a certified English translation and notarized.

6. Visa to study in Korea

School attendants are required to submit their own dossiers, documents submitted by overseas study companies are not accepted.
Study abroad will be divided into two main categories that are self-study and study abroad scholarship. Due to the form of scholarships, everything will be arranged for you, so Visavietnamsupport will instruct you to apply as fee-paying students.
a. Study abroad and self-study language
- Original admission papers;
- Guarantee (Korean notarized if you have a Korean guardian);
- Proof of occupation and salary earning capacity of the parents on a monthly basis (notarized English translation);
- Original savings and photocopy (savings account must be submitted 6 months before the application, minimum of $ 10,000);
- Graduation and high school transcripts (for university application); If you study for a master's degree or doctoral degree, you will need a diploma, a university transcript. The above documents must be certified by the State notary public (attached to the original for comparison);
- Curriculum vitae in English or Korean notarized by the State;
- Study plan (complete and detailed: name, date of birth, subject, school of enrollment, reasons for choosing the subject and the university, who will provide the living allowance What relationship do Koreans or Korean Koreans have? After studying in Korea, what are their future plans? Students must write in Korean or English in their own language. translation);
- Self-introduction (current status eg occupation, place of work, etc.), family background (current occupation, place of work, address and contact telephone number of members) Family history, previous education, Korean language skills. Students must write in Korean, translation is not accepted;
- Parents write reasons for their children attending the registered school; Commitment to be able to cover child expenses during Korean schooling, future plans for children (attached with an English translation).
b. Korean companies guarantee to study language
Besides the documents mentioned in the self-study visa, you also need to have the additional documents:
- Guarantee and letter of guarantee of the financial ability of the Korean company notarized original;
- A copy of the labor contract (if the trainee is an employee of the company).

7. Visa for master or doctorate

This type of visa will apply to one of two types of scholarships: full, partial
- Original admission papers;
- Diploma, university transcript (original and notarized English translation);
- Certificate of scholarship;
* In the case of a partial scholarship (student or sponsor must pay a portion of the money), proof of financial capacity of the student or financial guarantee and paper proof of financial capacity of the guarantor).
* If the sponsor is a Korean professor, the following documents are required:
- Certificate of professorship by the school;
- Statement of financial guarantee for the student;
- Financial statement of the professor (eg confirmation of bank account balance).

8. Government Visa to Korea

This applies to officials, departments, and agencies under the government;
- Original government invitations if travel less than 90 days. If you travel more than 90 days, you must have a Certificate of Confirmation of Visa Issuance (CCVI);
- The decision to send a business trip accompanied by an English translation;
- Professional certification or labor contract or appointment letter issued by a Vietnamese agency (enclosed with English translation).

9. Korean Work Visa

- To work in Korea you need a CCVI issued by the Korean Ministry of Justice
- A labor contract signed with the Korean company, or you can replace it with a recruiting company recruiting letter - this case applies to employees who renewed the contract.

10. Visa to Korea for training

a. The company invites training
- Original invitation in Korean or English
- Records relating to the sending of training (training purposes, training plan).
- Dossiers related to the establishment of the company inviting for training (copy business license and the original business license issued by the Korea Tax Office within 3 months to the date of submission )
- Invitation from the Korean company notarized (original)
b. The company sent training
- License for establishment or business license for English translation notarized by the State Notary Public
- The original labor contract with 01 copy and English translation
- The decision to send training with English translation

11. Visa for the conference in Korea

This type will be applied to officials and institutes within the organization of the State.
a. The Korean side
- Original invitations in the English or Korean language of the invitee are government agencies
b. The Vietnamese side
- Labor contract, job certificate with certification by the agency or letter of appointment (with English translation)
- The decision to attend the conference is accompanied by an English translation

12. Korean transit visa

For Korean transit visa will be issued only for specific cases and require the following documents:
- Must have a valid visa (main country) and a photocopy;
- Return air ticket with a copy.
korean visa 2

Time to apply for a Korean visa

- If there is no problem, it will take 5 working days for all visa types (except for marriage visa, labor, and self-study visa).
- When there is a problem with the file, such as lack of documentation, or need to interview, it will take more time. The results will be considered and announced later.
- With regard to the returned or refusal profile, necessary documents such as the passport will be returned. The reason for the refusal will be notified and the return will be done within a week.
* Note:
When you come to receive Korean visa, you will need to bring two types of documents: an appointment letter plus an original ID.
- If someone receives the visa on behalf of you, that person must bring both identity cards.
- The rejected documents will not be refunded and the passport will only be returned.

Korean visa application fee

Depending on the time that the price will vary depending on the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. Therefore, to know the best price, please contact Hotline: 0989.496.239 to get advice from HGTECH staff, support dealing with problems during the Korean visa process you encounter. You will receive a discount if you make a group visa of 5 or more people.
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