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Fast Indian visa service - Compact procedure - Lowest cost in Vietnam
Date : 2018-01-04

Visa Vietnam's visa service is committed to 100% customer support in visa procedures to help customers secure and confidential.

Indian visa fast service - Compact procedure - Lowest cost in Vietnam

The demand for travel abroad is increasing, especially in some Asian countries such as Japan, China, India ... Traveling or going to another country will be much tougher than in because it is also related to security issues.
Nowadays, with the making of visas in general and cheap Indian visas in particular, there are regulations and levels for each individual need, moreover, each visa requires different profiles. This makes it difficult for those who do not know the procedure and leads a lot of trouble. So to make a fast and compact visa contact the reputable agencies that provide the perfect service.

Classification of Indian visas by time:

1. Visa India once a month (30 days)

Request for guest records:
For customer records, you need the following documents to complete the procedure:
1. The Indian passport requires a minimum of 6 months, 6 months from the filing date and 4 consecutive pages in the passport, which is used to affix the VISA.
2. The requirement of photos for visa application:
- 4 photos with the white background (no other background such as blue ...) are taken;
- Photographs must be taken within 6 months most recent (required);

- The size of the image 4x6cm (note: scanned images or less than 4x6cm can not be accepted).

II. Indian Visa 6 months multiple times

Demand Side Profile: India (if available, for business travelers and dispatched to work ...)
+ Invitation letter in English, with this letter, must have the following copies: original/ fax/email
Request for guest records: The requirements of the client are similar to those of applying for a one-month visa with a few additional requirements and specific differences as follows:
+ On the photo requirement is to ensure the latest photo (6 months), white background, request 2 photos 4x6cm.
+ Requirements of the passport for the India visa every 6 months must have a minimum of 9 months from the date of submission of the application and also need 4 consecutive pages to paste.
+ In addition to this category, need the decision of the company to send to work and written in the most popular language in the country is English. The content and schedule of the statement required coincidentally, the costs and expenses overseas will be paid by the employee's agency and company.

Classification of Indian visas by purpose:

1. Visa to India for Travel:

For travelers wishing to travel, please note that they will only be valid for a period of no more than 6 months, meaning that the visa is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. This visa can be used for one, two or multiple entries.
In terms of the requirements for this type of documents, additional papers are required, including copies of airfares and specific travel schedules.
Besides from 1st January 2011, it is stipulated that tourist visas for certain countries, such as New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Kolkata, will be issued at the border gate by immigration officers at airports. With this visa, there will be a maximum card length of 30 days for one entry.

2. Indian Transit Visa:

This type of visa is only granted to certain people in order to allow passengers to transit through India before reaching the final destination.
Attention: It is not allowed to change the purpose of the visa. The visa is only valid once and the validity period is 15 days from the date of issuance.
For each type of transit there will be different handling:
- In the case of direct transit, this type of visa will only be valid for a maximum of 3 days for you to stay in India. Required documents include a confirmation of the airfare to the next destination and the visa will be valid until the final destination.
- In the case of transit through India for more than 3 days, this will be a problem and to avoid trouble you will have to apply for a suitable visa.

3. Visa Entry to India:

The validity period will be from 6 months to 5 years depending on the type of visa and multiple entries. This visa will only be issued to people of Indian nationality. However, family members of people who are working in India are also eligible for this visa.

4. Visa to India:

The validity period will be one year or more with multiple entries. However, this visa will only allow visa holders to stay in India for a maximum period of six months per entry.

Indian visa profile (for all types):

+ Original passport required to be valid 6 months or longer + Previous old passports
+ 04 Photo (4 cm x 6 cm) with white background, new and full straight face, the frame size will depend on each specific visa.
+ Proof of personal status, personal and social status:
  The following documents are required for this type of document (depending on each person such as having a family or single): Identification card, Family Register and Marriage Registration.
+ Proof of work status:
  This document only applies to a number of specific cases, specifically for labor export visas and work. If it is to expand business markets or to register, there should be more proof of business registration and labor contracts.
In addition, it is required some more papers and information.
To have further information, please contact Hotline: 0989.496.239 for advice, we provide visa service quickly and effectively.
+ Moreover, the profile of relatives, friends, partners need to prepare when visiting relatives, the work should be prepared:

  - Invitations with detailed and clear content, the invitation must contain the following mandatory information:

    The information of the two parties including the invitee and the person invited, accompanies with detailed information on the time to leave, what the purpose of the trip is, and who is paying for the trip or who sponsors for the trip. With the sponsor, please provide the documents to prove your financial ability.

  - Copies with the following documents: passport notarized, citizenship certificate, visa or proof of residence status of the inviter.
  - When visiting relatives you must have a document (such as household registration (if you are a family member, spouse, parent, children ...), certificate of authority at the local agency about the relationship of Indian party with people in Vietnam through visits.

Indian online visa or e-visa.




In addition to the Indian visa application procedure provided by our company, you can also apply for the Indian Online Visa Service by visiting the website: and fill in the information on the website.

1. Preparation of the dossier preparation process includes:

+ 01 portrait size 2x2 with the jpg tail, size at least 10kb and the largest is 1Mb. Requires photo shoots on a white background and no more than 6 months.
+ 01 passport photo or scan including all information such as name, date of birth, visa expiry date. The most important thing is that the photos you have on your visa compared to the photos you upload should look the same so the success rate is higher.
Note: The image has to be clear, do not blur. After the taking picture, you converse it into a pdf file to upload. Need to convert the image size no more than 300kb to up properly and avoid unnecessary errors occur.
+ Prepare visa/master card .v.v .. to pay online. If you do not have one, you can also borrow a friend or relative. The visa fee can be changed regularly by the Embassy of India. If you want to know the best price at the moment you can contact Hotline: 0989.496.239 to have the information about the fee.

2. Some information to know when making visa online India:

+ India allows online visa application with 3 types of visa: tourist visa, medical visa, and commercial visa.
+ Stay in the country also increases from 30 days to 60 days.
+ For the medical visa, it is upgraded to a six-month visa.
Additionally, to attract tourists, India has opened and allows to provide online travel visas at five major ports in India: Mumbai, Cochin, Goa, Chennai, and Mangalore.

Customs regulations on visas to India

1. About luggage:

There will be a limit on the number of luggage to each entity.
  + For travel needs, a maximum of 20kg of checked baggage, 5kg baggage allowance and will not be charged. If it is more than the maximum volume, you will have to pay extra charges. Moreover, there are separate regulations for each country about the objects that are allowed to carry.
  + For luggage carrying more than the prescribed number, the charge will be calculated according to the provisions of the various airlines, usually 8 USD / 1kg.
- In order to avoid paying taxes applied for high-value objects such as camera, laptop, camcorder... you should declare in the Customs declaration at the airport.

2. Cash and other jewelry and gold carried also have their own specific regulations:

- The amount of cash is no more than $3,000. Gold or other valuable jewelry will be allowed to carry an additional amount of 8. If more than that, you will have to declare.
Note: You should not carry diamonds with great value to ensure safety.
- With the provisions of the following goods will not lose additional freight: alcohol under 1 liter, the cigarette is less than 200 unit.
- Damaged metal items such as knives and scissors are not allowed.
- Absolutely prohibited all type of prohibited items
And some countries have separate regulations. That is the general rule for making visas to India or other countries.
Hope that with the previous sharing you can get more knowledge and know how to apply for Indian visa effectively. Visa Vietnam wishes you success.
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