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Visa through border gate - Entry visa service at Hgtech
Date : 2018-01-02 is experienced in providing immigration services to domestic and foreign citizens. is experienced in providing immigration services to domestic and foreign citizens. We have been providing favorable and successful visa services for hundreds of thousands of customers over the years. Our services are always oriented to the criteria: fast, saving and prestige so have received the trust of many companies and individuals when applying for a visa to Vietnam.

Visa service for foreigners at Visavietnamsupport Hgtech

Visa is divided into many different types and depending on each case that the customer will need to have the appropriate visa, exit, entry, through the border, visa to the countries... Getting a visa has become very simple because there are units that provide services to make fast visa, make emergency visa for customers.
To apply for a visa to Vietnam, you have two main ways:
First, you can contact directly with the Vietnamese embassy in your home country (in Vietnam embassies are located in Hanoi, near the National Archives) or contact the Vietnam Immigration Department to receive the Letter of Acceptance, then receive the Visa at the arrival international airport.
Second, this is a much simpler way than others. By using a Hgtech's visa service within the agreed time frame. You will get the visa you need, your family and your relatives.

What are the visa requirements for border crossings?

Generally, applying for a visa at an airport is much easier and faster than applying for a visa at embassies, so that you may know, and that is a minority.
In fact, not many people have experience in getting a visa and understand visa procedures in this way and not all cases can apply this method. You will likely encounter some difficulties and unnecessary hassle regarding procedural issues, even wasting and unnecessary expense. Therefore, to resolve this problem you can contact the visa service unit to process your passport visa on your behalf. This is permitted by Vietnamese law and is encouraged by the Immigration Department. is a company with a lot of experience providing exit visa, entry visa, visas through the border gate service for citizens at home and abroad. We have provided favorable and successful visa service for hundreds of thousands of customers over the years and captured the love of customers and the trust of customers when using our all services.
Visa services through the border, visa types for foreigners, as well as for Vietnamese expatriates .... Our orientation towards the criteria:
+ Bring the highest benefit to customers, and caring.
+ Fast, saving and prestige so have received the trust of many companies and individuals when they want to do visa, the passport to Vietnam.
+ Our visa services are based on a deep understanding of the laws of Vietnam, so if you have a relative, a foreigner who wishes to apply for a Vietnamese visa to visit a relative, calendar and work, you can rest assured when contacting us.

* Procedures for applying for visa through international gate:

If your country of residence does not have a Vietnamese embassy or consulate, or if you wish to make a quick passport or an emergency visa, can still help you with visa application for entry, visa through the border into Vietnam.
Specifically: will send your information to the Vietnam Immigration Department to apply for visa approval in Vietnam. We will then send this letter to you by fax or email so you can show it to the airport staff when you check in.
Please note that this approval letter is not a substitute for a visa to Vietnam but it only confirms that you will be granted entry or visa through official border gate to Vietnam at the international airport of Vietnam.
Once you arrive at the international airport of Vietnam such as Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City), Danang (Da Nang City) or Noi Bai (Hanoi), you must present the approvement of this visa for the customs office to get the official visa. Please note that you need to prepare 2 passport photos (2 passport photos) to complete the visa application process through the border.

Detailed information on the price of Vietnamese entry visa :

Visa Entry Vietnam for Nationality: NIGERIA, CAMEROON, CONGO, MOZAMBIQUE, GHANA, SIERRA LION, TURKEY, IRAN, BANGLADESH, PAKISTAN, AFGHANISTAN, SYRIA, YEMEN - for details about prices and procedures, please contact HGtech's Visa office directly.
Vietnamese visa
Some specific countries:
- Korean nationality: 1T1L: $35 ; 3T1L: $50. 3 months multiple times $ 70
- Other Citizens: Middle East, Africa, Islam: $100/person
- Getting approved at the weekend: Nationality: $70/guest
Getting approved 2 hours of emergency for ordinary citizenship $80
Note: The entry visa fee is only the reference price for you, the price will vary depending on the state regulations and whether you want to urgently or want to do normal.
 Working time: All days of the week: From 8.00 to 19h00
Note: Special cases are not included in the quotation, please call us for more details.
In Hanoi: No. 39 An Trach 1 - Dong Da - Hanoi
Tel: 0243.7326.896 // 0243.7326.897
In order to make the visa through the gate quickly and get the best advice, free 24h you can go directly to the phone number as follows:
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  • Hotline: Mrs Huong - 0989.496.239 // 0911.76.0000
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Or contact us online directly via email to our Visa office at

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