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French student visa application
Date : 2019-02-20

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France is a country with strict immigration regulations. Therefore, it is not easy for foreigners to have student visas to study in France.  if you have ever failed to apply for a visa at the 1st attempt, It's hard for you t succeed in the next try. Therefore, it is advisable for you to thoroughly understand all the procedures and if possible, please consult Visavietnamsupport when applying for a French student visa.

French student visa application profile:

Kết quả hình ảnh cho visa du học pháp

- 3 photographs of the specified size (3.5x4.5)

- 01 long-stay visa application form;
- 01 OFII declaration;
- Copy of passport (valid for at least 15 months or more);
- Certificate of passing the interview round at CampusFrance;
- Letter of Guarantee for international students who are under 18 years old in France (according to the Embassy's form, water and electricity bill contract and "Titre de sejour" resident card of the guarantor;
- Proof of education level (certificate of enrollment, a copy high school diploma  or student ID card ...);
- Certificate of enrollment or acceptance at a French university;
- Language certificate;
- Proof of finance;
- Certification of accommodation in France
-  Translated and notarized family registration book 
After profile has been approved and you are called for an interview, all you need to do is be well -prepared for the  interview and confidently show your solving skills to problems that might happen during the course of studying abroad. The Embassy will probably ask you a lot of different questions to put you into the different case, to see if you're qualified to study in France.
Some notes when studying in France
Kết quả hình ảnh cho visa du học pháp
1/ Choosing the right university

It's very important to choose the right university to study. To do so, you should thoroughly look through all the enrollment information of the university you're going to apply for: entrance requirements, majors,etc. If you pick the wrong major or are not compatible to the requirements, your profile will be turned down.

2/ Enrollment Due date

You should pay attention to the enrollment due date when building up your profile. Your profile needs to be handed in before the due date at least 4-5 days so Campus France can inform you as soon as if there is any problem with your documents.

3/ Interview

This is the key step, determing if you succeed in applying for studying in France or not. During the inteview, you should demonstrate clearly and coherently your study plan and show that you have a firm grasp of the program you're applying for. Besides, your language skills can affect the result of the interview. With good language skills. you'll have a much higher chance of passing the interview.

4/ Reasons for visa refusal

Kết quả hình ảnh cho trượt visa du học pháp


- The profile isn't delivered to the university on time

There is a difference in the enrollment  due date when it comes to studying in France. Most of French universities only have one semester open for enrollment (usually in September every year) and do not grant preferential visas for Vietnamese students. Moreover, If you hand in your profile late, you will set a bad impression on the enrollment staff. 

- Students are not qualified

Study scores and language skills are fundamental elements that affect the result of student visa application. Students' grades must be above average. In addition, you need to possess a certificate of TCF(above 350) or DELF with B2 level. In many cases, students visa application is refused due to unqualified language skills though the applicant have excellent grades at school.

- Sketchy and unimpressive profile

Well preparing your profile will help you a lot when applying for university or visas. You should pay attention to your CV and Lettre de motivation (Motivation letter)

If you invest enough time and efforts, your profile will draw the attention of French universities. Even if you don't have impressive grades, you still have a chance of entering some universities in France as long as your CV and motivation letter are good. In addition, crumpled, dirty, messy and misspelled documents will be considered  disqualified immediately.

- Incorrect information

Impressive profile can't save you from failing the visa application if you provide incorrect information, which shows that you're dishonest. You're immediately turned down if any information about  grades, sex, marital status, ect is incorrect.

Here are some notes about French student visa application. You should do a careful research on French educational system to have right choice of university and major. Besides, you should put extra efffort in building up an outstanding profile for studying abroad and visas.


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