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Singapore labour agreement visa
Date : 2019-02-20

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How to apply for a Singapore visa remains a question to many people, especially for those who are planning to go to Singapore for labor export.  To answer this question, Visavietnamsupport would love to share this below guidlines to procedures of applying for a simple Singapore Labor Agreemant Visa.

“Under the Agreement on visa exemption for citizens of Vietnam - Singapore, which took effect from November 10, 2003: Vietnamese citizens holding ordinary passports (HCPT) will be exempted from visa application when  entering Singapore with a duration of stay of less than 30 days, along with these conditions: a passport that is valid for at least 06 months, roundtrip flight tickets or a flight ticket to another country, applicant having enough money to pay for the temporary residence and having all the necessary conditions to go to other countries, including visas (if requested by the third country) ”

= >> According to this agreement, you can enter Singapore without a visa but only can temporarily stay in this country for less than 30 days. So if you want to go to Singapore for labor export, how do you apply for a visa?

Procedures of Singapore labour agreement visa application

You need to visit Singaporean Embassy for visa application. Here are required documents for Singapore visa application:

1. Passport, in original (with a minimum validity of six months)

2. 2 photographs of the specified size (as Embassy requests)

3. Invitation letter (if any)

4.  Proof of Finance: you need to prove your bank balance, house ownership or if you're renting an apartment, please present your house renting contract, monthly income as requested

5. Notarized and translated documents in English or the language of the country you're going to.

6. Filled visa application form (handwritten or online)

Each country issues different forms of visa application. You need to provide information as requested

7. Other documents as requested: Family registration book, Marriage Registration( If married), leave request letter, decisions to send employee to work in other country, salary increase decision, retirement decisions(if any), pension book, transaction agreement, birth certificate, resident card, etc.

Note: You should apply for the right type of visas, for example, if you are going on a business trip, apply for business visa. If you are going to visit your relatives, apply for vsitor visa. If you want to work in Singapore, apply for labour agreement visas.

Some notes about Singapore visa and entry 

Keep the entry form

- It's very important to carefully check the entry form (the white, small one) issued by Singaporean Customs when you're queueing at Changqi aiport.

-  Many are unaware of the importance of this piece of paper, resulting in them having to ask for another issued form when they're about to go back to their countries

Pay attention to duration of stay in Singapore

- Duration of stay in Singapore( clearly stated in entry form- Permit to enter Singapore for 30 days or Permit to enter SIngapore for 2 weeks) is usually overlooked.

- Departure and Arrival date are counted as staying days. In order not to violate the Immigration regulations, get fined and anxious, you should carefully check  the form or ask for help from anyone who understands English.

Overstaying and visa extension

All overstaying people are subject to financial penalties and may be subject to a warning or a trial (depending on the seriousness of the violation and the offender), or may only be subject to financial penalties and be reminded, but there's no need to worry about this. If you have a good reason for being "absent-minded, or negligent," you may be subject to a review, condemnation and mitigation by Immigration department. Usually you need to have good and experienced  English speakers to defend you at the Department of Immigration or at the airport. It is even better to have a guarantee letter issued by a Singaporean employer.

Some common questions about Singapore visas


Kết quả hình ảnh cho visa lao động SINGAPORE

1. Where can I apply for a Singapore visa?

Embassy of Singapore in Hanoi

Address: 42-43 Tran Phu street. Dien Bien ward, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi

Contact number: (84-24) 38 233 965

Embassy of Singapore in Ho Chi Minh city

Address: Saigon Center, level 8, 65 Boulevard Act, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city

Contact number: (84-28) 3822 5174

2. Application fee

- It depends on your purposes and specific cases and recieved by the Embassy. The fee is public and under the laws

3. Time for visa approval

- After handing in all documents, Embassy will issue a visa depending on applicant's purpose and conditions. If you hand in complete profile, the processing time can be shorter.

4. Difference between visa validity and duration of stay

- Visa validity: You need to undertand the difference between visa validity and duration of stay in one certain country. For example, Your USA visa is valid for 1 year and your duration of stay in USA is 3 months, you're allowed to reside in the USA for the maximum of 30 days at single entry and have to enter the second time, within 1-year visa validity.

- Duration of stay: Depending on applicant's purposes, Immigration  Department will decide how long you can stay in one country


After your duration of stay expires, you are required to leave the country otherwise you will be in a lot of trouble. Because of law violation, you may get deported, fined and it will be more difficult for you to return to that country the second time. Sometimes you're no longer able to enter the country or apply for its visa.

We hope that this guidlines can be helpful to you in applying for Singapore visa. 


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