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Travel India and experience travel in India
Date : 2019-01-21

India has its own unique culture and interesting destination in Asia. If you have a travel plan in India in upcoming please reference experience travel in India below.

Something you need to know travel in India and experience travel in India

Travel India have many diversity destination about ethnicity, religion and custom attractive colorful so many tourist visit. India attract romantic love story, Taj Mahal temple famous around the world because unique architecture, interesting with travel explore and skiing in The Himalayas, sailing in Gangas, salmon fishing, surving, diving, go yacht in every Andamans island and Lakshadwee. VISAVIETNAMSUPPORT please share some experience and attention when travel in India so that you have a covenient trip and safety.


1. Apply travel visa to India 

In progress prepare for India trip, one of important thing is get a visa. You can reference procedure apply India visa at: http://visvietnamsupport.comn/vn/dt/1469-visa-an-do.html


2. Best time to travel

India has get through 3 season a year: summer, raining season (monsoon) and winter (temperature isn't to low in South Tropical). In North have to suffer some summer climax and cold in winter, but except The Himalayas area almost don't have snow.

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- From November - January is winter and April and May is hot month. Also stil have a short spring in February and March, especially in North India area.

- In October - March: This is ideal time to travel because weather is warm, dry and sunny.

- In April - May: Stable temperature, worth it to choose if you don't worried about rainstorm or high humidity.

- If you have a purpose spend a long time in South India, best time to come is after November, when raining season is end.


3. Main transport in India

- Transport in India

By plane: Tourist from Vietnam come to India don't have direct flight so you have transit in Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai or Delhi. Maybe come to Hanoi, Da Nang, HCM City by Maylaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airlines send plane another airline like Indian Airlines or Air India. You have to booking earlier before 1 or 2 months if come and to India in travel peak season (from November until March every year), because this time all flight is fulled.

By overland: Although, many Indian tourist self-sufficient go through Thailand or Tibet along silk road come to India. 

- Transport in India

By train: This is move vay Indian tourist really like. With suitiable price, railway in India is the biggest, secure guarantee and always right activity schedule.

Rickshaw car: Cheapest transport and popular is auto rickshaw, sometimes reffered to "auto". Almost they've blue and yellow color, conditional because oil and gas law CNG, with one wheel in front of and two wheel in back, light-weight plastic or leather.

  Kết quả hình ảnh cho xe rickshaw ở ấn độ


Taxi, bus or rent bike: You can use 3 transportation in India. Please choose prepaid vehicle or keep bill until come to stopping point. Don't have many bus in India so sometimes had cram situation; drive by yourself is pretty dangerous because now freeway in India not upgrade yet and traffic divergence is a bit messy.

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4. Time and language in India

- Time in India is more fast than Vietnam 1,5 hour.

- English & Hindi is language as communication in India, beside have more than 800 another dialect.

5. Currency

Indian currency is called Ruppe. 1 Ruppe = 400VND (according time).

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Change currency in India is a bit complicate so you've attention some point below:

- Traveller's cheque maybe is accepted in famous bank.

- Dollar and Pounds easy to accepted than another currency.

- Always change money in certified place or certified legal.

- Save all receipt because maybe requirement if you apply extend visa, or ambulatory.

- You can receive change currency service in all airport.

- Some 5star hotel, international exchange center.


6. Traditions and Customs

- Indian follow Islam don't eat pork. Indian follow Hindu don't eat beef.

- When communicate, have to contact with man first, after that is women. When etiquette have hello by clapping 2 hands, submental, bow and say "Lamaska" (Hello).

- Restrict mention about sensitive topics like Pakistan, Sri Lanka. Avoid wink, whistle, pointed finger or finger wave, and touch ear or foot another people. Avoid offended or mistrust religious.

- Should wear covered, avoid show shoulder, above knee far in beach.


7. Indian cuisine

- Hindu believer absolute don't eat beef because they've beef like a god. Islam believer don't eat pork, but they're really like eat beef.

- Just like another Asia country, rice is still a main dishes in Indian meal. Nevertheless, completely have a different way cook rice of Vietnamese. Indian take rice fry with oil or butter first, after that boiled water to cook, when rice is nearly cooked still got another spice like: pepper, cinnamon... Beside normal fried rice, still have rice cook with fish, chicken, vegetable. Most Indian when eat rice with fingers.

- In India, customer should use bottled water and shouldn't eat strange street food. Indian cuisine usually tastes spicy, smell cari (tourist can prepare food for yourself if food don't fit your taste). In transit time (transition) between 2 flights, customer prepared food for yourself.

8. Shopping

- Also known as shopping heaven with a lots of handicraft, gemstone, jewelry.. But, seller here often just looked at people at tell the price, thus foreigner tourist often talk price more higher than usual so you need to know bargain. Give a low price, increasing and left if don't feel reasonable.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho mua sắm ấn độ


- Beside, shopping is more convenient you should prepare some change, because amount of money must paid maybe have round up or disadvantage always about you. Especially, if don't have intention to shopping in street, you should clear because paddle drag here is so popular. Just need your eyes care about their cargo, seller will pursue until you're get back in car.


9. Some entertainment places to attract in India

Is sacred land, India have many typical famous religious festival. One of them is:

Trade fairs in Goa: Organize in 1 week middle of February, trade fair gathered eventful group. float, flicker sound of guitar, charming dance and non-stop festival.

Sukajkund Mela: Craftsman from all country converge in Surajkund first half of the month in February to joined 1 ceremony every year is called Surajkund Crafts Mela.

Holi: Organize in March or April follow Hindi calendar, festival have purpose welcome spring season and praying God for great harvest and fertile soils.

 Kết quả hình ảnh cho hội chợ holi ấn độ


Diwali: Festival of light and knowledge, organize nationwide in Amavasya day - 15th period of moon in Ashwin month follow India calendar (October, November every year).

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hội chợ diwali ấn độ


Pushkar Mela - Every year in November, small silent city Pushkar in Rajasthan, India is buzzing with color waves and explotion at Pushkar trade fair.

Beside, Indian tourist can experience abundant of wild world by visit national park:

- Bandhavgarh national park - located in Umaria town, Madhya Pradesh.

- Ranthambore national park - located near Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan.

- Kaziranga national park - located in Golaghat, Assam.

- Kanha national park - located in Mandla town, Madhya Pradesh.

- Royal Chitwan national park (Nepal) - located in South West Kathmandu, Nepal.


10. Security

When travel in India you should notice keep money carefully, avoid leak situation will lost money, some experience for you to keep money:

- Customer should buy some belt and handbag knit belt (waist) and you can dressing. This is popular way and safety when bring money to travel.

- Keep identity papers secret place.

- Don't bring too much money.

- Watchful over thief in crowded place.

- Customer should follow program and plan trip give before.

- Never discuss about your plan trip with stranger.

- Avoid travel alone at night. Don't go by land or narrow when too dark.

- Don't transfer your luggage for anybody you don't know, except hotel staff.

- Never let strange or someone supicious in your room.

- All of value items like cash, cheque, passport, jewelry,... should keep safety in hotel or luggage.

- Copy of all important identity papers to carry.


11. Some another notice

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lưu ý du lịchấn độ

- Communication in public, Indian don't shake hands, hug or kiss each other. To express respect and polite , people often say hi by clap hands, simultaneous tilt your head. Some topics should avoid when communicate with Indian is personal problem, famine just like aid humanity from abroad that Indian received. 

- Don't open gift when giver is present there; don't wrap gift of black wrap or white because view it as the unlucky color, instead you should wrap gift of blue wrap, red or yellow. Some gift should avoid is flagrant flower (often use of Indian funeral). Islam people is conceptive that dog is untidy animal so never award dog picture; Hindu people adore beef so award from buff is prohibition. When go to temple, you shouldn't wear or bring jewelry of leather.

- Anything need use 1 hands (like give present, 1 cup of tea or important document), certain must use by right hand, left hand just use for sanitized. In traditional meal of Indian, don't have any knife, fork of the West for Indian eat by hand so left hand should keep your tray, right hand use to take rice, meat and vegetable come with bread.

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