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Beijing travel guide as self-sufficiency
Date : 2018-06-26
You are looking to experience Beijing travel but to take the tour, according to the delegation you cannot stop or stay too long at a location. Not only that, the tours will often take you to the mall, or some places you do not like.
Therefore, the best option if you want to travel freely in Beijing, which is self-sufficient. You can go to the places you like as traveling alone, enjoy more time and can save money if you follow the experience from

The right time to travel to Beijing

Beijing has four distinct seasons, quite similar to northern Vietnam. But in the spring and winter, it will be much colder. If the time is around, the Beijing tour is most beautiful with a moderate climate, not too hot nor too cold.
Summer is the peak tourist season so the travel services increase and the sightseeing places are crowded and crowded. In the winter, travel services will be much cheaper but the temperature will be very cold.

Apply for a Beijing tourist visa

To enter Beijing, you will need a Chinese visa to enter the border.
Check out the Chinese visa guide here

Transportation when traveling to Beijing

From Vietnam can go to Beijing in two most popular way


Aircraft is the fastest, most convenient to travel to Beijing. Non-stop flights from Vietnam to Beijing are always available at prices ranging from 3,000,000 VND to 5,000,000 VND / way. If you have trouble finding tickets early, you can get cheaper tickets.


The train will save about half as much as the plane. Train tickets from Hanoi Railway Station are about 1,600,000 to 2,000,000 VND / ticket. When you arrive at Dong Dang Station, you will be vaccinated and paid 50,000 VND and transfer to the Beijing Transit Railway. It takes about 45 hours to get to Beijing.
So recommends that you travel to ensure your health. In addition, if you take the train should bring dry food because the food on the ship is very expensive and fresh food, fruits will be confiscated.
Transportation while traveling
Public transit: bus, subway, bike or taxi.
Chinese subway
Mostly by bus and subway. The bus will save you a lot of travel and you can easily visit the bus. Take the train will not encounter the traffic jam so the road is quite fast and convenient.
If you are in a hotel near the center, you can rent a bicycle to go to nearby places. With a taxi, you should have a map to avoid getting around.

Accommodation when traveling to Beijing

Beijing is a busy tourist destination in China, so there is no shortage of affordable and affordable accommodation. You can book your hotel reservations online, from Agoda, Note that if you go to China you need betternet application to access the international website.

Beijing Tourist Attractions


The Great Wall

6,700km long famous in the world that anyone to Beijing to visit.
Sightseeing fee: 20 yuan, the peak season increased to 40-50 yuan
the great wall

Forbidden City

The place of feudal lords, architecture, and scale majestic, luxurious.
Sightseeing fee: 40 yuan, in peak season up to 60 yuan

Tiananmen Square

Large square, surrounded by Mao Tung Dong Memorial Hall, Zhongshan Park, Tiananmen Square ...
Price: 15 yuan
The above are certain places you must go, other places can refer to: Chinese Museum, Diocese, Heaven, Ngu Hoa Vien, parks...

Special dishes when traveling to Beijing


Peking Duck: An item we have heard so much because it is famous around the world. Arrive in Beijing to get a taste of this standard duck.
duck dish
Zha Jiang Mia: Fresh noodles are boiled together with special sauce from minced meat and coriander.
Mongolian Hotpot: The main ingredient is fresh lamb and broth made from bones.
Royal cuisine: The special dishes, the noble that ancient times for the king and concubine in the royal palace. Fish dishes, abalone, oats ...
royal dish

Attention when traveling Beijing


Note about visa, the process of entry and exit you can contact visavietnamsupport directly for more support. Other cases encountered such as:

  • There must be a photo import declaration form filled out in the form available;
  • Do not carry too much money (> 3000USD or> 5,000,000VND or 5,000VND) on the plane;
  • Note luggage regulations of the aircraft;
  • Note counterfeit money with a face value of 50 or 100 yuan;
  • Do not buy Oriental medicine miscellaneous, if any purchase should buy at the store, prestige;
  • Maintain hygiene at tourist attractions;
  • Not to mention national politics because this is a sensitive issue.
Above is the sharing of experience in Beijing travel as self-sufficiency of synthetic visavietnamsupport. If you have any questions about your visa or related paperwork, let help you.
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