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Information about Chinese visa 3 months 1 time
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Visavietnamsupport and Chinese three months single entry visa

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Chinese three months single entry visa

Visa 3 months (Visa L) is the most common visa. The validity period is 3 months. You can only enter China once and stay less than 15 days or 30 days, depending on the circumstances that the Embassy considers granted.

Chinese 3 months single entry visa is suitable for people who have never been to China before or travel to China to work, to visit, to solve personal work for a short time. If there are 9 people traveling together, the visa will be granted as the collective tourist visa.

Chinese Visa


Preparation for Chinese three months single entry visa


  • Original passport (minimum 6-month duration and blank page);
  • 2 photos 4x6cm (specify white background, straight face);
  • Copy of ID card or ID card;
  • Copy of birth certificate (if there are any children to accompany);
  • Application form for the Chinese visa. Download the template here;
  • Employment contract/ recruitment/appointment decision (if you have not been to China and have no entry visa before)

Above is the article on Chinese 3 months single entry visa. Hope this article will bring you useful information.

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