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Information and experience in travelling to Fenghuang
Date : 2018-06-22

With the experience of traveling to Fenghuang that below, you can be assured during the trip with our useful sharing of information. Travel planning will no longer take time.

Suitable time to travel to Fenghuang

The most wonderful time to travel to Fenghuang is when the summer ends to early fall, from May to November. At this time, the climate is mild, pleasant atmosphere creates a peaceful feeling in this thousand years old town. However, during this peak season, every service is expensive, the overcrowded situation often happens so you need to reconsider.

During the remaining months, the weather will be harsh, sunny and erratic. In the winter, there will be snow and ice melting, feeling as lost in the old movies. In these months, the price will be cheaper, the overcrowded situation does not exist, you can take beautiful the pictures without worrying about being interrupted.



Apply for a visa to Fenghuang

Applying for a Chinese visa is not too difficult for the Vietnamese. However, if you go self-sufficient and you have never been to China before, you need to prove more relevant documents.

In that case, please contact Visavietnamsupport for assistance in completing the visa. We specialize in providing affordable visa services, professional and fast services for all cases.

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Transportation to the Ancient City



There are no straight flights from Vietnam to the Fenghuang. You will have to transit in Guangzhou then fly to Zhangjiajie, to go to the ancient city you will take the bus.

Airlines: China Southern Airlines, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, Vietnam Airlines ...

The average ticket price is $ 170 - $ 200


Transfer from Gia Lam train station to Nanning. Then, from Nanning take the train to Cat Lai station in Zhangjiajie. Finally, from Zhangjiajie ride the bus to the Ancient Phoenix.

Fare reference

A hard bed is 215 yuan/person

Soft bed (1 room for 4 persons) 315 yuan/person

Travel time ~ 15 hours


Cars are favored cause they are quite flexible. However, the entrance to the Fenghuang is quite complex. You will take a drive from Hanoi to Huu Nghi border gate for about 3.5 hours. Here you will complete immigration procedures including the presentation of passports, visa and fill in the entry form. See instructions here.

After completing the procedures, pick up a car to the border gate to Nanning station for another 3.5 hours. Finally, take the train from Nanning to Cat Loi Station in Zhangjiajie. Then get the bus to the Fenghuang.

Attention to prepare when traveling Phoenix Neck


Get the app

Betternet: In China, they blocks international websites like facebook, google, Instagram, youtube ... so you need to download this app to get access.


Wechat: Most popular chat application in China.


Pleco: If you need to communicate, you download the Chinese dictionary application to be able to support.


Sim: China Sim price is 100 yuan, but the 4G charge is very expensive so you could not use much.


Photo taking software, photo editing: Photo editing applications are very important because the Fenghuang is the heaven like place.


Essential items


  • Luggage: Compact, lightweight, easy to wear or drag to move more smoothly.
  • Prepare towels, warm clothes ... if in the cold season, spring winter. Preparing one or two pairs of sport shoes because you might walk quite a lot.
  • Medication just enough
  • Snacks, dry food, snacks ...



This is an ancient tourist site so few ATMs and restaurants will not accept payment cards when purchasing items. You need to note a bit of money change.

Buying clothes here is a must do, do not hesitate to ask for discounts.

Tourist attractive places when traveling to the Fenghuang

Zhangjiajie - National Nature Reserve

Appeared in the blockbuster Avatar movie, visitors cannot be more surprised by the beauty of this paradise.



Thien Mon Mountain

Thien Mon Mountain also is known as Heaven Gate. There are many dangerous roads here.

Heaven Gate


North ancient city

The tower is a long-standing cultural heritage in the north of the Fenghuang. It is associated with the history and culture of the Ming dynasty and has been attached to the spiritual life of the people here.



Hong Kieu Bridge

The ancient bridge was built of wood and stone with a lifespan of more than 300 years.

Hong Kieu Bridge


Food to taste when traveling Fenghuang

Good food in the streets of Vu Lang Nguyen and street barbecue.

The food you should try

Spicy fish hot pot is a specialty with fresh fish from the river.

Spicy fish hot pot


Noodles here are very diverse and tasteful. You should visit the antique restaurant to enjoy delicious noodle.

Cakes. Specialties include steamed cakes, flower petals, and sticky rice cakes.




Rotten tofu is one of featured Chinese food. In Fenghuang, the tofu is brewed longer, so it will taste better.

Tea. While sitting outside with cool weather, ancient space and sip tea with friends or loved ones are just great.


The above are useful experiences when traveling to Fenghuang. Going to the Ascension House as if entering another dimension, away from the modern world outside and into the ancient world of peace. Do not forget to make a Chinese visa before you book your tickets and rooms. Visa work is very time consuming and laborious, so let help you save time by providing visa services from a-z.


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