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How long does it take to get a Chinese visa?
Date : 2018-06-19

Visavietnamsupport provides information about Chinese visa and how long does it take to get it. In addition, our company also provides visa services from a-z as delivery and receipt, free consulting services.

All Vietnamese citizens or foreigners residing in Vietnam who wish to travel to China must be approved at the Embassy or consulate general of China in Vietnam.

However, many people still wonder how long it takes to get a Chinese visa in order to catch the flight or to get near the date of flight to avoid wasting time. Visavietnamsupport will explain how long it takes to apply for a Chinese visa.

Chinese visa


How long does it take to get a Chinese visa?

If you have all the necessary documents, you can get a Chinese visa within 5 working days (excluding weekends, public holidays ...).

How long does it take to get a Chinese urgent visa?

If you need visa real quick, our company will offer you an urgent visa service that can be obtained in 2 days or 3 days.


Chinese visas vary depending on the purpose of entry of each person, embassy staff will review accordingly should be able to take more time than expected. If you use the visa service with us, in terms of time to receive a visa will be guaranteed to customers.

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If this is the first time you make a visa, it will be difficult because the Embassy may request additional documents for each visa category. If you do not complete the application, the Embassy will return the application and you will lose the fee if you revise it. Your plan will be changed if the visa duration is longer.

Here is how long the article about Chinese visa application. Please contact visavietnamsupport via hotline for free visa advice as well as visa application with the best service, the cheapest in the market.

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