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How much does it take to make a Chinese visa? Visavietnamsupport
Date : 2018-06-18

Visavietnamsupport provides information on how much the Chinese visa is issued and how much our visa service costs to make a reference and prepare in advance.

About the Chinese Embassy


Address Ha Hoi

No. 46 Hoang Dieu Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

Tel: 024.38453736

Fax: 024.38232826

Address Ho Chi Minh City

No. 175 Hai Ba Trung Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: 028.3829547

Fax: 028.38295009

Ask for information about how to make a visa to China or how to get visa advice contact the Embassy directly or call for a free consultation and quick information.



How much does the Chinese visa cost from the Embassy?

Price list


Visa types


Price (USD)

15 days (have been to China)


15 days (have never been to China)


3 months single entry visa


6 months multiple entry visas


1-year multiple entry visa





How much does it take to make a visa from visavietnamsupport?


Visa types


For Vietnamese

3 months single entry visa



3 months multiple entry visa (2 times)



6 months multiple entry visa



1 year multiple entry visa


 Urgent visa 2 days + 30$

 Urgent visa 3 days + 20$

For foreigners


1-month single entry visa



3 months multiple entry visa (2 times)



 Urgent visa 2 days + 30$

 Urgent visa 3 days + 20$


In addition, the company provides Hong Kong visa services February 3 for only $ 80 and 3-month Macao visa for $ 85.

Why choose to make a Chinese visa at Visavietnamsupport?

Making a visa at the embassy is a great price, but it's a waste of time and uncertainty. When you make your own visa you will have to submit yourself to the embassy, then wait for a long time about 4-5 business days. Not to mention, if you make a mistake about your papers, you will be returned to your file and reworked.

Making a visa at visavietnamsupport will be simpler and much faster. You only need to send your application by post, we will look at your application and help you complete the application. After that, you just wait and we will transfer visa and personal records.

We also accept rebooking when guests have been slipping. Please contact us directly for help.

How much does visavietnamsupport do for China visas? For more information on how to apply for a visa, see the article here.

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