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Prepare profile for a Chinese visa application
Date : 2018-06-13

Visavietnamsupport provides the most comprehensive, easy-to-understand Chinese visa application guide for you to prepare. Using our visa service you can also get a free consultation, delivery and receive home records with the fastest time. Below are the details of the Chinese visa application.

China is a very potential country for economic development and capacity development. An establishment in China attracts many people because there are many and varied commercial clues. Getting to China is a prerequisite for entry visas.    

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Application for a Chinese visa


  • Application form for Embassy visa
  • 2 photos 4x6cm, white background, face straight
  • Original passport (longer than 6 months and visa blank page)
  • Copy of ID card (notarized)
  • Copy of permanent residence (notarized)
  • Photocopy of birth certificate (notarized) in the case of bringing a child with
  • Employment contract or appointment/recruitment decision (if this is the first visa application)

Chinese Visa Types

Chinese visas include diplomatic visas, business visas, hospitality, general visas. The Embassy will review the application for the respective visa.

The Chinese visa is divided into the following categories: Visa D, X, Z, F, L, G, C, J-1, J-2 for employees, travel, transit ... The application will require different Chinese visa applications.

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For more detailed advice and preparation of the best file submitted to the Embassy, use the professional Chinese visa service at visavietnamsupport

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